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Australians love watching, discussing and playing rugby.

Whether they’re kicking a ball around at home or watching the Bledisloe Cup in a crowded pub, they’re always looking for new ways to get involved with the game.

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) plays a crucial role in this shared experience. It’s been connecting fans with the game since 1949, when it became the governing body for rugby in Australia.


ARU Team

In 2012, the ARU committed to enhancing the experience of fans and growing the game further. To achieve this, it partnered with Accenture and began taking advantage of cutting-edge digital, technology and consulting services including data analytics, wearables, mobile apps, digital strategy, cloud-based CRM and more—all the ingredients for a transformative journey, underpinned by a well-targeted digital strategy.

Accenture is proud to partner with the Australian Rugby Union, the Qantas Wallabies and the Australian Rugby Sevens teams.

"A lot can change in 10 seconds of a rugby game. That's why we provide rugby fans with ways to connects with the sports from anywhere in the world and in real-time."

Managing Director for Accenture Digital, Australia and New Zealand

Bringing Innovation To Rugby

Rugby is more than just a game—it’s a rich culture that brings people together in the shared experience of something that’s quintessentially Australian.

Through our industry-leading digital and technological solutions and more, we help establish the foundations for the ARU’s operations, helping players participate in local games and bringing fans closer to the match action.


What matters most in rugby is the excitement of the game. The ARU’s transformation on and off the pitch means it can now help fans connect with the game they love in more ways than ever before.

The ARU’s cross-platform solution includes apps, a mobile enabled website and a new ticket-vending platform that emphasises social content and data storytelling. The digital engagement platform will even offer exclusive content across all devices, allowing fans to have a truly immersive experience as well as create new revenue streams.

Accenture has also introduced wearable technology innovations that will provide ARU executives with real-time campaign feedback.

All of this will make rugby more accessible and exciting for its fans.

"Australian Rugby may have emerged in the 1860s but we want to have contemporary relationships with our fans. Working with Accenture, we have been able to give fans the power to connect with Rugby on their own terms—wherever they are, and whenever they want."

CEO, Australian Rugby Union


The transformation began with understanding exactly what rugby fans need to connect more meaningfully with the game.


Wearable Devices

A New Website

A Whole of Game

A Cloud-Based CRM

A Cloud-Based


Tour Apps &

Live Streaming

A fast live streaming solution

Live matches for troops abroad and fans at home

Accenture streamed two Bledisloe Cup matches played by Australia to troops stationed in Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.
One match was streamed to personnel serving in remote locations with limited network capacity.

Wearable Devices

Instant information with wearable devices

Real-time feedback on campaign performance and sales—all delivered straight to the wrists of those administrating the game

A solution for the ARU Executives to receive real-time ticket sales data and Google chat messages straight to their Samsung Galaxy Gear device, enabling faster decisions for their respective areas of the business.

As wearables become more common with consumers, the possibilities for engaging fans in new ways are limitless.

A New Website

A new website for fans at home and abroad

Organise matches for your local club and find out what the Wallabies are up to.

Enabling digital engagement between all facets of the game and its fans across all devices; from desktop to mobile to tablet.

A platform to create new, dynamic and personalised content for fans.

Driving match data insights straight into the palms of game supporters through third party data integration.

A Whole Of Game Strategy

A whole of game strategy

Australian Rugby Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 is underpinned by a vision “to inspire all Australians to enjoy our great global game.”

Key initiatives that will significantly drive the game forward in: 

Fan engagement and creating a new digital experience.

Fan engagement and creating a new digital experience.

Participation to create new game formats for new audiences.

High performance analytics and pathways.

Structural changes to improve the governance of the game.

Cloud-Based CRM

A cloud-based CRM solution

From local matches to international showdowns, the ARU’s CRM system captures all relevant customer information, providing valuable insights into the needs of fans and participants.

Single view of all ARU customers.

Greater customer insight and marketing initiatives via analytics platform.

Improved gross revenue through targeted campaign management and marketing.

Tour Apps & Analytics