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Combining Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology

Eddie Gardner highlights how government and health agencies can exceed citizen expectations.


To meet citizens’ rising expectations for more personalised services and to lower costs, manage risks, drive efficiencies and empower employees, Australian government and health agencies need to look at doing things differently and doing different things. New technologies such as robotics, AI, machine learning and advanced analytics can unlock trapped value and help agencies achieve their goals. We help them become more agile, operate securely and work within tight budgets and schedules. Accenture enables agencies to explore, understand and unleash the power of the New to build the public and health services that meet citizens’, businesses’ and employees’ needs today and into the future.



Artificial Intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. The ability of AI to complement and enhance traditional factors of production is where the true potential of intelligent systems lies. Agencies need to consider AI as a new factor of production rather than just a productivity enhancer.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Unlike traditional automated solutions, Artificial Intelligence-powered innovation automates complex physical tasks that require adaptability and agility and AI is capable of self-learning.

Innovation Diffusion

Innovation Diffusion

One of the least-discussed benefits of Artificial Intelligence is its ability to propel innovation as it diffuses through the economy.

Labour & Capital Augmentation

Labour & Capital Augmentation

Existing labour and capital can be used much more effectively as Artificial Intelligence enables workers to focus on what they do best – imagine, create and innovate.

Humanising Technology

Humanising Technology

The challenge for corporate leaders is not to find robots that can replan human workers, but to find technology that lets humans and machines do what they both do best.




HfS Research: A Blueprint Report for Intelligent Automation places Accenture firmly in the “Winner’s Circle”.


HfS Research highlights Accenture's strong innovation and holistic strategy for intelligent automation.


HfS Market Guide for IBM Watson Services ranks Accenture in the "Winners Circle," indicating Accenture is a leader in developing execution and innovation capabilities with Watson.


Accenture's end-to-end delivery of AI and robotics integrates strategy, consulting, digital, operations and technology. Regardless of whether you are after a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a full end-to-end service, Accenture can help you explore how you can unleash the power of AI.

Advisory, change management and governance

Technology and vendor assessment

Proof of concept (PoC) and pilots

Configuration and implementation

Service management






Australian government and health have an obligation to deliver trustworthy and valuable services for Australian citizens. Like the private sector, government and health agencies are faced with many challenges in achieving their service outcomes.

Embracing new technologies including AI and robotics can help solve public sector challenges in new ways, that deliver value and ‘pay for themselves’ thanks to rapid ROI. Accenture helps agencies ‘do things differently’ by addressing their business priorities head-on with everything we do, enabling sustainable change.

We bring together comprehensive new technology to sense, comprehend, act and learn. That means new ways to perceive the world; analyse and understand what’s happening; make better-informed decisions; and work with systems that learn, adapt and self-tune.


Faced with ageing IT systems, reduced or flat budgets and increased data security challenges, government and health agencies need to look at ‘doing things differently and doing different things’. They need to harness new technologies not simply to improve, but to reimagine business processes and operating models.

Intelligent automation can do this. It can ‘sense, comprehend, act and learn’ to unlock new levels of operational efficiency in order to deliver new and better, faster, more relevant and more secure citizen and employee services.

Accenture can help agencies embrace intelligent automation – from basic robotic process automation (RPA) through to virtual assistants, advanced analytics and deep learning. And our focus on high value business process reengineering means we don't simply automate what organisations have or digitalise what’s already there, but instead help enable real and sustainable change.


Today’s citizens and employee’s expectations are shaped by their everyday digital experiences. Government and health agencies are faced with the challenge of meeting these often-heightened expectations. The solution? New approaches like design thinking, co-innovation and agile development can help agencies create new services that are personalised, user-centric and respond to people’s fast-changing needs.

Intelligent automation empowers employees so they are freed to focus on higher value work, making their jobs more rewarding and making government and health more attractive employers. Accenture can help agencies address the aging workforce and reskill employees - transforming the relationship between humans and machines - through our extensive technology ecosystem, rapid deployment skills and liquid studios for accelerated service and employee innovation.


I spend my time helping our government clients apply the power of new technology to solve their challenges in an increasingly complex and demanding environment. I’m passionate about using new approaches, such as design thinking, co-creation, co-innovation, rapid prototyping and agility, to help our clients achieve positive impacts for citizens.

As a Senior Technology Consulting Managing Director within Accenture’s Government and Health practice, I lead a team of dedicated professionals working together to help governments agencies become insight driven, digital-first agencies of the future.

I bring experience from over 18 years of architecting and delivering technology solutions for clients and have worked on several government transformation programmes, including at the Australian Tax Office and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

I also lead the Garden, home of our Government and Health Innovation and Advisory Network, which is dedicated to shaping and nurturing the new ideas and innovation that will make a positive impact on people’s lives. This includes advising clients how to incorporate user-centered design thinking into their business strategies to improve outcomes and to adopt emerging technologies—including cloud, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual agents and analytics—to help agencies understand and unleash the power of the New to build government services that meet citizens’, businesses’ and employees’ needs today and into the future.

The opportunity to see the tangible social improvements that our work with clients delivers is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. That, and working with our exceptionally talented people and clients, are constant sources of inspiration and learning.

Outside work, I’m equally inspired by travelling with my family and seeing the wonders of the world through the eyes of my two spirited young daughters!

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David is an Innovation Director and leads our ANZ Automation Engineering Practice at Accenture. He has over 22 years of experience in delivering business outcomes across clients in all industries. David's work has taken him to successful projects with companies and subsidiaries in North America, Japan, APAC, EMEA, and Australia.

Throughout his career, David has focused on thinking differently and being creative in addressing problems. David is passionate about working with clients, business leaders, technology partners, and our local community to achieve results at the intersection of great technology and business strategy - to improve the way the world works and lives.

David specialises in collaborating with organisations on the design and set-up of new capabilities, re-design of business processes, establishment of centres of excellence, and the adoption, prototyping, and implementation of emerging and advanced technologies – e.g. virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, connected solutions (IOT), blockchain, and robotics.

David welcomes collaborating with you in bringing your ideas to light as we address the challenges confronting us in the Digital world we work and live in today.

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Bosco is a Delivery Lead for Avanade Australia and leads the Robotics Process Automation Practice in ANZ. He is responsible for growing the capability within ANZ through collaboration with global leads within Accenture and Avanade thus bringing to clients the latest tools, methodologies and frameworks for successful RPA implementation.

Bosco comes with over 14 years of consulting experience, all of it with Accenture and Avanade. Through his tenure, Bosco has worked with senior stakeholders in industries across Finance, Government and Products. With his strong delivery and programme management skills Bosco not only helps customers shape their strategic solutions but is also often responsible for delivering them thus realising outcomes for his customers.

In addition to being a capability lead, Bosco is passionate about building a culture of inclusion and community within the firm. He has been the Sydney location for Avanade for 4 years organizing events like LGBTI+, cultural events as well as quarterly business updates.

Bosco lives is Sydney and absolutely adores his family. He loves spending his spare time learning from his gorgeous little girl who is a year old and growing quickly.

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In my role, I help our government and health insurance clients to take advantage of emerging automation, robotic and AI technologies that are revolutionising how all organizations will operate in the future. It’s an area that constantly generates new solutions, new challenges and new opportunities, both for our clients and for me.

I help our clients to understand how they can apply and implement these new transformational technologies to create unprecedented levels of operational efficiency and to support new outcomes for citizens that are helping to improve lives.

By making a real difference in the efficiency of government for all Australians, New Zealanders and visitors here, our work is supporting the development of tomorrow’s digital agencies. In the future, I hope to to help other emerging nations, for example in India, to enable them to achieve similarly transformational outcomes, to result in a better place to live for the next generation.

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My passion is to work with our Federal Government clients to thrive in the new environment that’s generating big challenges but major opportunities too. That means helping them to reimagine personalized digital services for citizens, empowering employees with new technologies such as robotics, AI and machine learning and enabling agencies to become more efficient and manage risks. To do that I can draw on my experience from across multiple system transformation projects and engaging with senior stakeholders to design the future strategy for Federal Government.

Even with over 10 years of consulting experience, I still find that every day presents a new challenge – there’s always a new, complex problem to solve in a market and technology landscape that’s evolving so rapidly. But working in a sector in which you can see the impact that your work is having on the wider community is a constant source of inspiration. And I’m constantly learning from the people I work with, both in our business and at clients.

Outside work, I’ve got a major interest in cinema and movie making. I’m lucky enough to have a brother in the business, and even luckier to have been executive producer for his debut film.

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