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The Garden innovation and advisory network


Today, citizens expect more, technology is evolving faster than ever and the workforce needs to be prepared for the future and the major challenges it brings.

Having the ability to freely explore the future and find innovative solutions to today’s challenges is essential but not always easy.

We’ve created The Garden—a new space for ideas to take root and grow. To see, touch and feel emerging technologies like AI/Robotics, immersive reality, blockchain and cloud.



The Garden, inviting government and health organisations to:

  • Come and have innovative experiences—see, touch and feel emerging and innovative technologies that offer almost endless possibilities.



Our vision is to build a network of hubs in Australia and New Zealand where consulting practitioners can do innovation that matters, help client solve problems and take ensuing inspiration through to rapid and predictable system deployment.

The Garden is a mindset, it is a movement, it is a way of working.


The garden comes to life with the collaboration of our:

  • external ecosystem,

  • innovation and advisory spokes,

  • innovation champions,

  • delivery centres,

  • client teams,

  • internal ecosystem; and

  • analyst and associate innovation groups


The Garden is a virtual portal and physical space that offers services such as:

  • Innovation Showcases

  • Ideation Workshops

  • Rapid Prototyping Workshops

  • Harvest, create or prune register of innovation showcases, ecosystem connections and thought leadership

  • Centre of Excellence for Innovation Champion Network, Social Monitoring etc

  • Brownbag Sessions

Accenture leads with innovation in everything we do. The Accenture Innovation Architecture uses an innovation-led approach to help our clients develop and deliver innovations, and to scale them faster. From research, ventures and labs to studios, innovation centres and delivery centres, we help organisations imagine a future and bring it to life.



I am passionate about solving business problems and creating new opportunities through technology and different ways of doing things such as design thinking, co-creation, co-innovation, rapid prototyping and agility.

I lead The Garden, home of our Government and Health Innovation and Advisory Network, which is dedicated to shaping and nurturing the new ideas and innovation that will make a positive impact on people’s lives. This includes advising clients how to incorporate user-centered design thinking into their business strategies to improve outcomes and to adopt emerging technologies to build government services that meet citizens’, businesses’ and employees’ needs today and into the future.

The opportunity to see the tangible social improvements that our work with clients delivers is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. That, and working with our exceptionally talented people and clients, are constant sources of inspiration and learning.

Outside work, I’m equally inspired by travelling with my family and seeing the wonders of the world through the eyes of my two spirited young daughters!

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As Client Success Lead for The Garden, I work with our Client Teams to help understand wicked problems being faced across Government and Health and to help connect them with capability from both within Accenture and across the Innovation and Advisory Network.

Before joining Accenture, I worked with start ups, scale ups and corporate innovation teams to bring new ideas to market and build innovation capacity. I've been involved across the Australia/New Zealand start up ecosystem for many years, setting up co-working spaces, mentoring Founders and volunteering at hackathons and other innovation events.

In my spare time I enjoy playing with technology and design thinking with my kids. It's great getting their fresh perspective on how technology might be applied to solve everyday challenges.

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I really enjoy learning about new technologies and applying them to solve real-world problems. My favourite part of the day involves joining the dots between the challenges that I hear about from my colleagues and clients, then rapidly trying to build solutions that show off new ways of thinking about or solving the issue.

I am especially excited about the work that I have been doing around automating big data processing using machine learning, Encrypted Data Collaboration allowing computation across data that cannot be shared, and assuring the food supply chain using chemical signatures and blockchain.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my young family, reading and experimenting with new technologies.

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Craig is a digital veteran with 25 years’ experience leading end-to-end digital strategy and delivery projects, with innovation a continuous theme throughout his career.

Prior to joining Accenture in early 2017 to help lead the Canberra Digital practice, Craig has had a varied career including six years in the Australian Public Service leading whole-of-government online initiatives, over ten years as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, founding and leading digital start-ups, and over five years building resource start-ups up to ASX listing, alongside consulting and training governments around the world on digital engagement and delivery.

IPassionate about digital’s potential to transform communities and companies for the better, Craig applies his expertise in marketing and engagement, social media, service design, innovation and digital technologies to help organisations realise their digital potential.

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I believe that at the centre of everything I do there is an inherent intent to help. To help people & organisations to overcome challenges and achieve more than what they could previously.

I do so by placing humans at the centre of what I do as they are an essential part of success. Also, by using empathy as a tool to understand what is currently happening to fuel imagination and collaboration to create a better version of the existing reality.

These principles have been manifesting through my 10+ years of experience in the design field by delivering Human-centred design solutions across the private and public sectors. Currently, I lead FJORD’s work in the Government & Health sector for Australia out of our Canberra studio.

My role at The Garden enables me to combine my design experience with lean methodologies and co-creation to foster an environment that is focused on nurturing rapid innovation that drives positive impact to our communities.

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My passion is to work with our Federal Government clients to thrive in the new environment that’s generating big challenges but major opportunities too. That means helping them to reimagine personalized digital services for citizens, empowering employees with new technologies such as robotics, AI and machine learning and enabling agencies to become more efficient and manage risks. To do that I can draw on my experience from across multiple system transformation projects and engaging with senior stakeholders to design the future strategy for Federal Government.

Even with over 10 years of consulting experience, I still find that every day presents a new challenge – there’s always a new, complex problem to solve in a market and technology landscape that’s evolving so rapidly. But working in a sector in which you can see the impact that your work is having on the wider community is a constant source of inspiration. And I’m constantly learning from the people I work with, both in our business and at clients.

Outside work, I’ve got a major interest in cinema and movie making. I’m lucky enough to have a brother in the business, and even luckier to have been executive producer for his debut film.

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I am part of Accenture Management Consulting group and have nearly 10 years of consulting and project management experience. I specialises in change management, training and business process redesign.

I have consulted for many government departments including the Australian Tax Office (ATO), VicRoads, Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP), the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and NSW Treasury.

My interests and passion include immerging technologies, in particular Immersive Reality and its applications for business. It is this passion that has brought me to The Garden team.

I am also a certified project management professional with the PMI (Project Management Institute) and I enjoy squash, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Chess and spending time with my family.

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The 2018 ASEAN-Australia Codeathon will be held in Sydney on 14-15 March 2018, hosted by AUSTRAC.

This event brings together technology and innovation specialists to tackle regional challenges in the fight against terrorism.

Accenture experts will be mentors and advisors during the event with ongoing coaching for the winning team to bring their idea to life. The Garden is more than a physical space, it’s a mindset and brings to life innovation that improves the way we work, live and play. It’s innovation that matters! We are looking forward to seeing the creativity and innovation that emerges from the Codeathon!

ASEAN-Australia Codeathon