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TDC: Network BPS achieves key outcomes

Discover how TDC's five-year business process services arrangement with Accenture streamlined operations and improved customer satisfaction.


TDC is a leading Danish provider of telecommunications solutions—mobile broadband, voice and fixed voice—and pay television, with market leadership across all segments in the domestic market.

Through a business process services (BPS) arrangement, Accenture helped improve and execute network-related processes for TDC. We took responsibility for managing provisioning fall-out management and maintaining network documentation.

As a result, TDC:

  • Improved their workforce flexibility.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and working capital.

  • Achieved run-cost savings by enhancing first-time-right completion of orders, speeding up order turnaround time and keeping network documentation up to date.

"We took responsibility for managing provisioning fall-out management and maintaining network documentation. "


In the fiercely competitive deregulated European telecommunications marketplace, TDC has had the distinction of being the leading telecom company, with regard to its earnings before income, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). TDC, however, recognizes that remaining a high-performance business requires continuous improvement.

TDC wanted to improve the company’s flexibility to handle network-connection fall-outs (situations requiring manual handling, such as unavailable connection paths or double occupancy of paths).

The company also wanted to drive customer satisfaction and reduce costs and rework by improving first-time-right and turnaround processing time.

And they wanted to address a network documentation backlog and inefficiencies created by the engineers’ use of legacy network systems that were accumulated through mergers and acquisitions.

Not only did we propose a comprehensive road map to address TDC's challenges, but we demonstrated a solid track record of finance and accounting BPS and provided robust network BPS references. Our strong working relationship with TDC and our capability to deliver BPS in a non-English environment further influenced TDC's decision to work with Accenture.


TDC and Accenture entered into a five-year network processes outsourcing arrangement to help improve and execute network-related processes. Accenture took responsibility for managing provisioning fall-out processes and maintaining network documentation.

We drew on our knowledge of TDC’s business and its in-depth network BPS skills to provide assistance from the Accenture BPS delivery center in Manila and deliver fall-out management.

These services included the handling of complex customer orders and the technical configuration of non-standard orders, involving issues such as lack of broadband connection or insufficient bandwidth—all in Danish.


The fourth-generation Network BPS arrangement that TDC has with Accenture is helping to support the company’s strategic goals of driving customer satisfaction and reducing costs by lowering average call-handling times and improving first-time-right query processing.

With fourth-generation BPS, Accenture is able to characterize services by combining analytical technology with industry and functional knowledge to create business insights, and ultimately tangible business outcomes.

Accenture’s work has helped TDC achieve key business outcomes. Within the initial six months, TDC experienced:

  • An increase from 80 to 85 percent to more than 90 percent in percentage of first-time-right completion of network-related orders, reducing rework and costs and improving customer satisfaction

  • Order-processing turnaround time improvement to 98 percent processed within 24 hours—exceeding the goal of 70 percent of orders processed within two days

TDC’s close and collaborative relationship with Accenture continues to drive high performance with innovative ideas, new technologies and competitive differentiators.