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Game time: How Tabcorp developed a strategy to reinvigorate the game of Keno

Accenture helped Tabcorp’s Keno business set a new strategic direction to overcome business challenges, drive new growth and expand into the digital arena.


Despite a consistent history of growth and the fact that approximately 85 percent of Australians are aware of the game, the Keno business was at a crossroads, driven by dramatically raised growth expectations by Tabcorp leadership. In short, a "reimagination of the game" was required. Initial research had identified a number of challenges to be overcome including an offering seen by some as too complex and by others as dated.


The Keno leadership team were committed to the step-change required and decided to collaborate with Accenture Strategy and Accenture Interactive (through Fjord). Accenture’s expertise was used in strategy, innovation, and service design in order to attain the full result the Keno leadership team were after.

Over a 10-week period, a strategic review was initiated to deliver a robust and actionable strategy that would be endorsed by Tabcorp’s board and leadership while also having the commitment from the team who would be tasked with execution. Initially, experts from Accenture Strategy and Fjord worked in close collaboration with Keno staff to formulate a framework for the new strategy. Accenture planned and helped facilitate a series of innovation workshops, which brought together a multi-functional group from all levels of Tabcorp and Keno in an open and collaborative environment.

By working side by side with Keno’s executives, Accenture and Fjord supported the business develop a detailed strategy and three-year execution roadmap. This document comprehensively addressed the company’s growth challenges and also put forward detailed solutions. The Keno team is now ready to execute plans and implement various initiatives to expand the game’s appeal across Australia.