Singapore Government: Safe City test bed

A public safety solution using video and sensor analytics


The Singapore Government sees analytics as an important growth area that is vital towards making Singapore one of the safest and most efficient cities in the world. Through its Safe City programme, the Government seeks to harness the latest in advanced analytics to complement its public safety solutions, increase security, deliver services more effectively and make the most efficient use of its resources.

As part of this programme, Accenture worked with the Government to complete a test bed that trialled the use of video analytics in a public safety setting. Accenture used its Safe City Solution to integrate existing and new video sources into a central analytics platform and to run live tests during two major public events in the Marina Bay precinct.

Through the use of advanced video analytics and user-friendly applications, the test bed successfully helped the Government to predict crowd behaviour, coordinate resources, respond to incidents and facilitate collaboration among the various agencies, thereby achieving the goal of delivering public service for the future.

Client profile
Accenture worked with the Safety and Security Industry Programme Office (SSIPO), jointly established by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), to develop a Safety and Security industry with innovation capabilities. The MHA is responsible for public safety, civil defence and immigration in Singapore, while the EDB executes strategies to sustain the city state as a leading global hub for business and investment.


The Singapore Government realised that analytics could go beyond merely spotting existing patterns of behaviour and could in fact help it better understand, prepare for and react to future events.

By applying a centralised video analytics solution, the Government would be able to share data among agencies more easily and also deliver actionable insights for users in accordance with a wide range of requirements.

As a video analytics solution represented a major step into new technological territory, a test bed was deemed necessary to test its effectiveness.

Accenture collaborated with six Singapore Government agencies from the areas of law enforcement, transportation and the environment to pilot its Safe City Solution, supported by the Accenture Video Analytics Service Platform. The test bed involved three phases:

  • Integrating the infrastructure

  • Adding data analytics

  • Trialling the solution


Throughout the Safe City Test Bed, Accenture worked with the Singapore Government to test the solution’s capability and delivered the following outcomes:

  • Innovation in crowd and urban city management analytics. High crowd activity, crowd size estimation and object detection were successfully detected with greater than 85% accuracy.

  • Increased operational support. The platform successfully predicted how crowds would form by visually presenting the position of and information from surveillance cameras via alerts as well as the real-time tracking of GPS locations of the ground units supporting the event.

  • Anomaly detection through social media monitoring and analytics. The solution used trend analysis to identify abnormal activity on social media and key words of interest that relate to public safety. This provided users with an automated way of identifying deviations from established patterns of behaviour in the digital world.

  • Real-time decision making. The solution integrated real time inputs from video analytics into an advanced analytics simulation model, instead of merely relying on static standard operating procedures. This helpedcity leadership to respond more quickly by providing them with data from real-time operations.

  • Seamless integration of sensors on an open platform. The combination of multiple video management systems from existing government surveillance infrastructure into an intuitive interface helped the collaboration and sharing of data across government agencies.

With the help of Accenture, the Singapore Government has gained insights and awareness that will be relevant for future operational rollouts. The Government can now integrate public safety video information from a range of agencies and produce meaningful insights in real-time, thus enabling it to respond more quickly to situations and thereby delivering public service for the future to its citizens.