Leveraging the power of electronic medical records in Madrid



Accenture has partnered with the region of Madrid to create the Madrid Electronic Health Record (Horus) system. Horus is, effectively, a viewer which aggregates data for a single patient from all parts of the Madrid healthcare system, allowing patients to move freely between healthcare providers without creating duplicate patient records, or affecting the quality and efficiency of care.


After the Region of Madrid changed regulations to allow patients to choose their healthcare providers, the risk of duplicate records being created for each patient became a headache for authorities. In addition to the administrative load, the risk of repeated diagnostic tests and slowed service delivery posed a serious threat to the efficacy and efficiency of healthcare service delivery.

Accenture has taken the lead role in the Horus Project Management Office. Accenture’s ten-year relationship and intimate knowledge of the region’s systems, processes and culture have been instrumental in its ability to assist Madrid with the Horus project. Horus is effectively an extension of the existing contract between the parties, which also provides the region with end user support for all office IT requirements.


Horus allows health professionals to instantly view consolidated patient records where such information may simply not have been available in the past. Other benefits:

  • Some 30 million documents are available via Horus. 

  • From January to September 2011, the monthly number of documents accessed rose from under 5,000 to over 40,000. 

  • Over 26,000 healthcare professionals are actively using Horus (on a monthly basis at least).