Nestlé Oceania

Using social media monitoring to capture opportunities


Accenture is helping Nestlé Oceania use social media monitoring to better understand share of voice, run more effective campaigns, support the creation of a new social media centre of excellence and proactively resolve emerging issues.

Nestlé Oceania, a fast-growing arm of Nestlé, the world’s largest food multinational by revenue, wanted to better understand what was being said about its key brands on social media.

To achieve its goals, Nestlé Oceania enlisted Accenture to put in place a comprehensive social media listening service.


Accenture Digital deployed a mixed local and offshore model to give Nestlé Oceania deep, locally relevant analytics-driven insights in a cost-effective manner, leveraging the Accenture Interactive Research and Development Center, based in Sophia Antipolis, to make use of cutting-edge technologies and processes.

The Accenture Delivery Center scours social media channels that mention the 16 Nestlé Oceania brands. The Delivery Center team uses social media monitoring tool Radian6 (part of the suite of products) to analyze social media posts and comments. The Accenture Australia team then reviews the reports and refines these insights based on their in-depth understanding of local markets to identify the most relevant findings.

Social Media: Nestlé Oceania


Working with Accenture has enabled Nestlé Oceania to become well equipped to capture, understand and interpret consumer discussions about its brands and competitors on social media. The company has access to an integrated social media monitoring capability that delivers actionable insights, instead of standard reporting offered by off-the-shelf social listening packages.

Significant business benefits have already been realised, with Nestlé Oceania using direct customer insights to deepen relationships with key commercial partners. For instance, the company has used social media data to demonstrate customer preferences for particular products, and how partners can use these trends to boost their business.