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Magneti Marelli: In-vehicle infotainment and telematics 

Accenture is collaborating with Magneti Marelli to increase the revenues and market penetration of their in-vehicle infotainment and telematics business.


Magneti Marelli, part of the Fiat Group, designs and manufactures high-tech systems and components for the automotive sector and supplies leading carmakers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia Pacific.

When the company decided it needed to increase its revenues and market penetration of its in-vehicle (IVI) and telematics business, it turned to Accenture.

Perspectives on In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems and Telematics

How will infotainment systems and telematics factor into consumers’ vehicle buying decisions?

Download PDFDownload the report to find out [PDF, 590.15 KB]


Magneti Marelli sought Accenture’s help in developing and managing a complete digital entertainment and communication solution and services. The solution would include a GPS navigation system, in-vehicle tracking, security, and a complete diagnostic system. The system was designed to improve the onboard driving experience for both drivers and passengers in a wide range of vehicles.


Accenture is utilizing our global network of Automotive Solution Centers to provide an unparalleled body of automotive industry knowledge and experience.

Key services provided include:

  • Architectural design.

  • Selection, analysis and development of software platforms.

  • Joint assessment of opportunities and pre-sales/promotional activities.

  • Platform customization projects for vehicle manufacturers and software testing.

A core Accenture team will help Magneti Marelli manage four key areas: pre-sales, governance, methodology and architecture.


Accenture’s proven track record in the area of embedded software and deep automotive industry knowledge will greatly support our ability to serve the in-vehicle infotainment and telematics global market, in a phase of big growth of our business.


Chief Technology Officer, Magneti Marelli

Connected Car

Vehicles are increasingly capable of interacting with their environment. For fuels retailers, this presents a wealth of new opportunities to interact with customers and their vehicles.

Some estimates put the size of the connected market at close to $100 billion by 2018. There will be a vast array of opportunities for the fuels retailer to leverage the connected car revolution, but the common thread will be the need to utilize data in real time.


Download PDFDownload "The Connected Vehicle: Viewing the Road Ahead" [PDF, 711KB]