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Driving growth and profitability through operational excellence

Accenture helped a leading technology company establish a global business process model and continuous improvement capability that enables high performance.


To gain visibility into its process performance and grow its business, a leading technology company asked Accenture to help develop a continuous improvement capability. Accenture Strategy worked closely with the client to implement all aspects of the transformation, beginning with a continuous improvement strategy, a governance structure, a global business process model, and a dedicated continuous improvement unit.

The Accenture team also introduced Lean Six Sigma practices and detailed diagnostics of existing processes to help identify and seize opportunities for change. With an approach that married strategy, process and technology, the new capability generated tens of millions of dollars in savings within its first year. More importantly, the new process model and continuous improvement mindset are helping the company’s leadership team to turn insights into actions that will drive growth for years to come.

The Approach

What's Next?