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Leading international bank consolidates onto single platform

We facilitated rapid expansion for a leading international banking group through improved scalability, speed and reduced risk and costs.


This international banking group serving more than 35 million customers successfully consolidated its major countries business operations onto a single commercial and investment banking platform, to align the group’s business and operating model.

This alignment allows higher economies of scale, shorter time to market of business products and services deployment, higher productivity as well as better governance and risk control.

Accenture was the key provider for the group throughout the various stages of its IT and operations evolution path.


The convergence towards a single IT platform for commercial banking and increasing simplification of the operating model and cost management would help the group pursue its balance sheet structure improvement agenda, while managing risks.

This comprehensive transformation process involving people, capabilities and skills, IT applications and infrastructure, organizational and governance model, service and relationship model with internal clients represents something unique in the market and a competitive advantage for the future.


Accenture was the key provider for the group throughout various stages of its IT and operations evolution path, providing support to the design as well as to the development and migration of the global IT platform.

In addition, Accenture helped the banking group establish its business in new countries by integrating local IT systems with the core IT platform.

  • Leveraged Accenture Delivery Centers in India for its commercial and investment banking businesses and internal operations experience; additional initiatives have been started using Accenture Delivery Centers in Europe.

  • Helped reduce development costs while improving customer satisfaction.

  • Supported the revamping of the group’s operational risk management platform integrating different European systems according to the company’s regulatory compliance guidelines and requirements.

  • Continue to provide ongoing support to the group’s IT platform evolution and maintenance in many critical application areas.


This program is a landmark achievement in the group’s wide integration evolution, representing the completion of the target IT strategy, conceived at the time of the acquisition of several banks across Europe.

The group is now running almost 75 percent of its global revenues on a single platform, managing a wide number of clients, accounts and transactions throughout the same IT platform and maintaining a clear leadership position in most countries.

Business areas leverage improved functionality in key fields such as credit management, multichannel CRM tools and risk management, resulting in more unified credit risk policies, better loan management, and created a single customer view for better client analysis and commercial execution.

The consolidation and deployment of the single IT platform helped provide a powerful asset to support growth plans to other countries, as they reach specific size and maturity thresholds, and allows the group to respond more nimbly to increased business complexity and converging customer needs.

Ultimately, the IT platform facilitates greater flexibility and scalability as well as advances the group’s innovation agenda, both for business and operations to go digital.