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Big data management for large entertainment company

Accenture Analytics helped a large entertainment improve its marketing programs through advanced customer analytics.


A large gaming and entertainment company was looking to increase the effectiveness of its marketing programs and use customer insights for future product planning and development. In a managed service arrangement, Accenture is helping the company to mine customer data, and use advanced analytics to gain key insights into customer behavior, preferences and buying patterns.

Speaking on Analytics and the Art of Anticipation

Watch and listen as Narendra Mulani, Chief Analytics Officer – Accenture Analytics, describes the river of data that is helping companies harness key customer behaviors and turn them into a competitive advantage.


The company’s objective was to engage more users on its web sites, search portals, games and gaming devices by understanding user behavior and introducing new features that will help products get noticed and excite users.

Since products in the gaming space are characterized by short life cycles, the company was continuously looking for insights into customer behavior and preferences to supplement their product development and marketing strategies, as well as improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns.

Video Case Study

TV Viewers and Big Data at the core of the CANAL+ Group TV Experience

CANAL+ group, owned by Vivendi Group, is the leading pay television service in France. Canal+ Group approached Accenture on a project designed to help increase customer satisfaction, improve service and boost revenue, but its real success is based on the collaborative approach and a number of key success factors. Watch this film to get an insight into how Accenture is helping CANAL+ turn their vision into reality from Christine Removille, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive Gallia and François Couton, Finance and Business Performance Director, CANAL+ Group.


Working with Accenture, the company initiated a big data managed service proof of concept in 2011, which has grown to 60 people and will double in 2013 based on the success of the program. Accenture met the company’s big data staffing needs by quickly training skilled resources in a niche technology platform and establishing infrastructure and standardized delivery mechanisms.

Accenture helped the company by acting as a “one-stop shop” for reporting on purchase and usage trends, using analytics regularly to:

  • Provide usability reports for gaming consoles and other interactive devices.

  • Provide meaningful reports on purchase behavior.

  • Position products on the console, devices and website based on user behavior.

  • Provide real time analytics reports on user response to new product launches.

  • Analyze campaign data to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and conduct post campaign analysis so as to design better campaigns in future.

Additionally, Accenture helped prevent customer issues by identifying peak transaction volume periods and allocating hardware infrastructure accordingly.


Working together, the company has:

  • Improved speed of business decision making by fetching terabytes of data in less than couple of hours, 10 times faster than any other ETL tool.

  • Developed more actionable insights through greater granularity of reporting on topics such as customer spending by segment, customer journey from first purchase, effectiveness of purchase paths and cause of dropped purchases.

  • Increased revenue based on better targeting of marketing campaigns to users by analyzing the effectiveness of partner websites and tactics.

  • Achieved a multifold volume reach in marketing campaigns using new customer insights, as compared to earlier email campaigns.

  • Developed a baseline of consumer behavioral trends which will better inform the five-year product development forecast and plan.

Big Success with Big Data

The Accenture Analytics Big Success with Big Data survey shows that big data is taking off. Companies with big data experience are satisfied with business outcomes.


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