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Rich Analytics Insights: Banking and Financial Services

Accenture is helping an international banking and financial services firm strengthen its digital analytics capabilities.


A large international banking and financial services firm serving more than 30 million customers in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia, the company asked Accenture to help it offer services and products that were more relevant to its customer needs.

Accenture implemented a data analytics and optimization capability, helping the company to drive sales improvements through greater customer insights and optimize its customer experiences.

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The company sought to strengthen its digital data analytics and optimization capabilities, as well as to find ways to use data insights to offer services and products relevant to customer needs. The company also wanted to define their personal financial management offerings to help customers manage their money and create a more engaging experience for customers using mobile and online platforms.


Accenture helped the company by:

  • Establishing and implementing a data analytics and optimization capability to provide meaningful insights for a wide range of stakeholders.

  • Hiring and managing offshore teams to cut costs, enhancing data infrastructure and scaling up reporting.

  • Aggregating and consolidating mobile, online and branch data into a single source that could be used to generate customer insights.

  • Working with channel managers to use insights to improve online customer experiences.

  • Developing an innovative approach and strategy to increase the volume of approved customers who open a bank account online.


For online and mobile banking customers, Accenture:

  • Defined the company’s personal financial management solution, drawing on competitor insights, case studies and thought leadership.

  • Demonstrated how the personal financial management functionality could look through a set of customer journeys and screen mock-ups.

  • Described how smart money manager tools could transform the customer experience and deliver value to the company.

  • Engaged and aligned with technical support to build a delivery roadmap.

With Accenture’s help, the company enhanced its digital analytics capabilities, delivered regular reports, drove sales improvements through greater customer insights and optimized its customer experience. As a result, the company is now able to provide a more relevant and engaging digital experience to its customers, achieving its vision of “helpful banking.”