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Grupo Antena 3: Business process outsourcing

Accenture worked with Grupo Antena 3 to transform its end-to-end business processes for archival assets into a service-oriented organization.


The new organization—Accenture Documentación—provides specialized documentation services that allow archive assets to be quickly located as well as sold to interested third parties.

Grupo Antena 3 wanted to proactively expand its services in the Spanish audiovisual market. The company turned to Accenture to help it develop an innovative service that would transform all of its video libraries and archives into an audiovisual multiclient cluster service.

This new service would provide content in any format to news agencies and other broadcasters for a fee. It brings fresh monetization opportunities and opens new avenues for synergies with broadcasters in their markets.


Grupo Antena 3 outsourced its document and archiving activities to Accenture, allowing it to focus its resources on increasing its penetration and presence in the Spanish market.

Accenture’s new Custom BPO service—Accenture Documentación—now runs the video library and historical archive for Grupo Antena 3, and is responsible for the preservation of the historical video library and management of all cataloged content for news, sports and programs for the Spanish multimedia group. Provided services include:

  • Reception and preservation content

  • Material indexing

  • Storage management

  • Content services


The new organization—Accenture Documentación—with its specialized team of 50 people, took the historical videotape archive and document library and is transforming it into a multiclient and service-oriented company. This new organization provides services to Antena 3 groups—three daily news programs and five news and sports feeds—and other production groups, as well as outside parties.

With help from Accenture, it will introduce all of its work assets into a digital environment and fully utilize its archival resources. Thanks to the new service-oriented organization, Grupo Antena 3 will continue to have specialized documental services and will also be able to quickly locate the archive assets regardless of where they are stored, as well as sell them to interested third parties.