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Analytics Engine for Major Greek Bank

Developing actionable marketing campaign management insights about operations, customers and markets


The repercussions of Greece’s turbulent economic and political environment are challenging and widespread. Despite this, one bank found a way to focus on gaining market share by better understanding business customers’ needs.

This is the story of how this Greek bank worked with Accenture Interactive to develop an analytics engine to provide actionable customer insights to drive high-performance marketing campaign management.

Going beyond merely surviving to thriving, the bank now has a far-reaching in-house marketing analytics capability. By seamlessly integrating analytics tools and assets with third-party solutions, Accenture helped the bank to design and execute customer marketing campaigns and services to move the business forward—and serve customers in meaningful ways.

Explore this Greek bank’s use of real-time marketing analytics to serve customers in new ways.

Accenture Finance and Risk Analytics

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This Greek bank is in the forefront of a major international retail and commercial banking group’s operations in a number of nations around the Mediterranean basin. It employs approximately 4,500 people and its net banking income is over $1 billion.

The parent corporation wanted to ensure that its six international retail and commercial subsidiaries—beginning in Greece—had the marketing tools, techniques and capabilities they need to successfully navigate an environment that is threatening many of their competitors, and indeed their potential clients.


Accenture proposed the development of an analytical engine that would provide actionable customer insights for next-level campaign management.

Transitioning smoothly from the Logica customer relationship management implementation already in place in the parent company, the solution delivered gap analysis, marketing data management, customer analytics models and an automated analytics engine. The Accenture team assisted with:

  • Delivering a multidimensional segmentation model.

  • Training and user acceptance testing.

  • Developing user-friendly propensity models to capture insight about retention rates and potential cross/up-sell opportunities.

These tools helped the bank replace marketing guesswork with actionable data to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Achieving High Performance with Accenture Analytics


The bank is developing in-depth actionable insights about its operations, markets and customers that will enable it to design and execute customer marketing campaigns and services that will help the bank flourish.

Accenture helped make this possible by seamlessly integrating unique and proprietary customer analytics tools and assets with third-party vendor solutions and platforms to deliver a comprehensive, cohesive and—above all—user-friendly in-house marketing analytics capability.

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