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TransCanada corporation: Greater agility with the cloud and SAP

Read how Accenture helped TransCanada implement a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SAP cloud solution across the entire business.


After a series of mergers at TransCanada Corporation, Accenture helped the energy giant implement a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) SAP cloud solution across the entire business. The program is supporting cost reductions, accelerating speed to market and improving agility.


TransCanada Corporation is a major North American energy company based in Calgary, Alberta.

Mark Lamb, TransCanada’s senior systems architect, sums up the situation the company was facing this way: “The board was trying to understand how they could grow the business, and the challenges were identified very early on that they had a lot of disparate systems. The data was all over the place. They had gone through an acquisition, and we still haven’t really assimilated all of the data into one place. We had a lot of legacy systems, so there was an element of risk associated with that. The … systems were out of date; they had not been updated for many years—they were not integratable very easily. There were a multitude of challenges and the cost associated with that. The cost of our integrated systems was increasing, we were growing as a company, but we were retaining legacy systems, and not really investing a great deal in modernizing them.”


“I engaged Accenture to help us deliver the technology platform which is going to underpin the ERP project,” Mark Lamb, TransCanada’s senior systems architect, said. Accenture is “really helping us deliver a private cloud solution to host SAP,” he adds.

“Where Accenture really helped us is on the acceleration,” Mark said. “They have a very sound delivery model in terms of their ability to execute and commit on infrastructure.”

“The delivery was very quick,” Mark said. “Within a week of the team landing, we had a functioning infrastructure, stood up, ready to go to accept the next level of services.”

“We choose the NetApp converged infrastructure with Cisco,” Mark says, “but [Accenture] made it work.”

Mark also said that TransCanada “choose the private cloud solution so we could operate independent of anything else within the enterprise.”


Some of the high-level benefits from Accenture’s engagement with TransCanada included:

  • Quick delivery

  • Repeatable model

  • Minimal disruption

  • Private cloud capabilities

  • Quick build out—the infrastructure was built in two months

“The results that were delivered were quite astonishing,” said Mark Lamb, TransCanada’s senior systems architect. “We went from zero in June to a fully configured and built infrastructure with SAP application landscape in place by August.”

Accenture “understood the technology [and] … made it work—they made it function,” Mark said. “They took what was a guide and made something that was very prescriptive in a model that we could repeat time and time again.”

“Delivery was extremely quick, very precise, very collaborative—we got to engage with a lot of the operations folks to make sure that the solution went in with minimal disruption to existing systems,” Mark also said.

“One of my targets going in,” Mark adds, “was to create more of a collaborative work environment … with external vendors. Accenture delivered against that. They’ve taken our lead and they’ve been very collaborative, especially with our operational people on the ground. This is really central for us to be successful.”