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Delivering improved, simplified global business services

Accenture helped a leading pharmaceutical company attain the practical skills and delivery excellence needed to design and implement business services.


The pharmaceutical company collaborated with Accenture to implement a network of six interconnected global service centers housing multiple business support functions: finance, IT, employee services, indirect procurement, and worldwide real estate and facilities.

Together, they designed the operating model to be adopted across all six centers and so far have implemented five of the global business service centers on three continents within a 12 month period.

The global pharmaceutical company sought to simplify its operating model and, within this, create a common core of support functions providing services to all business units.

Building on elements of shared services already implemented, the support functions would now be consolidated into a global Business Services group serving the entire company with much of the business processes being delivered from within a network of captive business service centers.

The new structure would help deliver better and simpler services to the business and create value for the company.


Accenture collaborated closely with the pharmaceutical company to design the overall operating model and implement five of the global business service centers on three continents within a 12 month period.

The Accenture team is helping the company take processes and experiences learned from initial implementations to roll out the remaining center in the United States independently.

Although not yet fully implemented and scaled in all locations, the global business service center design and implementation have started the pharmaceutical company on the journey to further its strategic goals of delivering simpler and better services for employees and stakeholders.

With Accenture’s structured approach and pragmatism, the pharmaceutical company has been able to set up six new global business service centers which serve as a catalyst for change across the company and drive high performance.