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Global beverage company process and IT enablement program

Accenture collaborated with the global beverage company to create a flexible and scalable global SAP template.


Accenture delivered the process and solution design for the new template, and road map for initial implementation in four countries on three continents, incorporating:

  • Back-office: Finance, procurement and HR solutions.

  • Mid-office: Supply chain planning and manufacturing solutions.

  • Front-office: Commercial and customer relationship management solutions.

  • Application management for SAP footprint across three continents over a six-year period.

The client, a leading global beverage company, has grown through acquisitions in emerging and developed markets. As a result, the company operated with many different IT systems and processes across more than 70 countries on six continents.

To aid further growth and improve operational efficiencies, this global beverage manufacturer embarked on a business transformation program—one of the largest and most complex ever attempted in the industry—that would standardize IT systems, processes and data in an aggressive timeframe.


Thanks to close collaboration, Accenture developed a deep understanding of the beverage company’s requirements. Although standardized, the global template that Accenture developed with the client – covering front-, mid- and back-office functions – was flexible enough to accommodate inherent market differences. Drawing upon Accenture’s deep, industry-specific resources, we collaborated with the client over multiple releases.

Establishing a single, global process and solution template for use across all business functions has helped the global beverage company harness the value of its acquisitions and expand into new markets. The new system has helped improve value, customer service and sales, operational efficiencies, and labor efficiencies. The greater agility gained from the new template will help it boost business performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace.