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Global apparel company: Defining an enterprise analytics strategy

Accenture helped a global apparel company establish an enterprise analytics strategy road map and define priority areas for greater value realization.


This apparel company set up an enterprise analytics center of excellence (CoE) for its North American operations and needed support to promote adoption of analytics and its capabilities across the organization.

Accenture helped the CoE create a clear analytics road map, build credibility with internal business units and execute successful proof of concepts (PoCs) to demonstrate the value of analytics.

  • Tableau prototype to show the power of visualization

  • Assortment margin calculator to highlight the value of predictive analytics capabilities

  • Executive decision support tool to showcase how integrated data can fundamentally change decision making

These capabilities are helping key executives make informed business-critical decisions based on predictive analysis.


One of the first charters of the CoE was to select a service provider to promote adoption of analytics throughout the organization, and assist in highlighting the value the centralized analytics organization could offer.

The company sought a service provider to help mobilize the CoE with a well-defined, structured approach and advanced analytics capabilities that would aid decision making, promote organizational uptake and realize value from its investment.

The company selected Accenture because of our industry knowledge; analytics thought leadership, capabilities and assets; cost effective, offshore capabilities; and collaborative and practical approach.


Accenture and the CoE team collaborated in two main areas:

  • Defining an enterprise analytics strategy and creating advanced, predictive analytics capabilities that enable better decision making

  • Building the CoE’s credibility and engaging the business units with some quick, high-impact projects that demonstrate what advanced analytics capabilities can do

Accenture conducted three PoCs to highlight the power of analytics to life.

  • Decision-support tool for the North American leadership team: Aggregates and harmonizes fragmented finance, sales and supply chain data into a single repository that senior executives can quickly draw upon to inform their business decisions and respond to rapid market changes

  • Advanced analytics pilot: Helps users evaluate multiple assortment scenarios simultaneously and determine the most profitable future plans

  • Rapid Tableau prototype: Identifies a key business challenge, sources and integrates the data, and showcases powerful data integration and visualization in Tableau


The apparel company now has in place a robust plan to mobilize its analytics CoE and gain momentum within the organization.

Accenture has helped the company:

  • Improve the value of its CoE investment: The company has greater insight into which projects will help deliver immediate value, and can focus its resources in the right areas to help achieve better return on investment. It also has a structured plan in place to implement long-term descriptive and predictive analytics capabilities that can help reduce costs.

  • Make more informed executive decisions: The road map will advance the company’s analytics maturity from descriptive to predictive. PoCs provide senior-level executives with powerful and easy-to-use tools to gain greater transparency and fundamentally change decision making.

  • Scale analytics across the enterprise: With a well-defined strategy, the mechanisms and governance are in place to improve organizational uptake and build a more comprehensive analytics platform.

These activities, including the PoCs, arm the CoE team with concrete results and tools to demonstrate how analytics can be instrumental in improving the company’s performance.