European commercial bank: Card management system redesign

Accenture helps European commercial bank redesign its card management, improving profitability and customer service.


The European bank is currently improving its customer service and enhancing profitability by modernizing its operations and investing in new technology. Accenture was chosen to help update the legacy card management system for improved effectiveness including new product channels. The proposed solution covered a full spectrum of card business, including issuing and acquiring for both debit and credit, and considered both data cleaning and migration planning. The bank is anticipating significant reduction of risk along with improved efficiency and customer service, and is looking forward to high performance in its national banking market.


Accenture collaborated with experts from the bank and proposed a solution covering a full spectrum of card business, including issuing and acquiring for both debit and credit. The solution is based on a best-of-breed packaged application from OpenWay, integrating the card management system fully with the bank's core systems and peripheral applications. The solution also included data cleaning and migration planning.


With the solution presented to the bank, operational risk will be significantly reduced while the bank will be able to re-establish its position on cards and in the broader payments area. In addition, the bank is looking forward to improving its compliance with existing IPS mandates, and reducing its time-to-market for new business requirements.

When coupled with processing efficiencies and decreased FTE usage costs, the bank is expecting to enjoy success in its pursuit of high performance.