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Canadian bank: Commercial lending operating model

Developing a new operating model for a Canadian Bank's commercial lending operations.


This Canadian bank provides retail, wealth management and investment products to customers in North America and internationally. It employs more than 40,000 people.

The bank sought to address a number of issues stemming from its commercial lending operating model. Simplification of the lending process was necessary to increase sales force capacity and reduce operational effort.


Among the challenges the bank wanted to address:

  • Credit writing was completed across multiple roles in a way that duplicated effort and lacked standardization.

  • Client account managers had multiple handoffs and spent considerable time resolving issues and escalations as part of fulfillment and servicing.

  • The lack of an enterprise back office resulted in lost opportunities to centralize routine functions.

  • Applications were processed either manually (via paper) or through the legacy system.

  • There was no single point of data capture to support approval, closing and booking.

  • Existing technology had limited data validation, lack of integration and limited workflow and decision tracking.

  • Exception tracking and problem resolution were highly manual.

  • Process execution was non-standard and lacked embedded controls.

  • Policies were difficult to access and inconsistently applied.

The bank needed to simplify the lending process in order to increase sales force capacity and reduce operational effort.


The bank decided to team with Accenture to develop a new operating model for its commercial lending operations.

Over 12 weeks, Accenture:

  • Identified the “pain points” and opportunities for improvement in the existing model

  • Brought industry-leading practices and case studies to executive discussions to help determine the best future strategies

  • Helped the bank reengineer core process and redesign roles and organizational structure

  • Developed a conceptual operating model and identified implications for technology, processes, people and policies

  • Developed a four-year roadmap to implement the new operating model


Accenture helped the bank identify the need for a credit analyst role to provide customer-focused support, helping to free up capacity for sales officers.

The bank now has a strategy to consolidate the portfolio management and underwriting centers and centralize the back office to reduce cost.

Accenture’s advice has also led to an executive consensus on funding a new, robust technology infrastructure to enhance automation and improve the customer and employee experience.