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AngloGold Ashanti (AGA): One ERP

Discover how Accenture helped AngloGold Ashanti sustain new global processes and implement a SAP ERP Solution.


AngloGold Ashanti (AGA), one of the world’s foremost gold exploration, mining and marketing companies, holds a portfolio of operations and projects on four continents and has a worldwide exploration program. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company has 21 operations in 10 countries.

AGA was seeking to implement a common set of business processes across its global operations that could help drive innovation and operational excellence.


The company’s executive team decided to implement a single integrated system to support business processes, such as financial, supply chain and maintenance, across its global operations. One of the major aims of this effort was to enable real-time insight that could help drive innovation and operational excellence.

AGA faced a vast array of aging systems and technology, and the sheer enormity and complexity of those systems were making it unable to verify the success of the key business initiatives effectively.

Recognizing that sustaining these new common global processes would be difficult, the company selected SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as its planning software, with the following challenges in mind:

  • Varying sophistication in ERP use—Standardization required different offices throughout the globe to agree on a universal solution.

  • Multiple legacy systems—Moving from multiple systems to a single system would require a significant investment in resources and time.

  • Language and culture—Achieving common understanding across diverse businesses and geographies required significant effort.


Working closely with the client team, Accenture completed a pre-design phase to determine the project’s key principles and global business process governance framework.

Based upon the Accenture industry solution for mining, Accenture facilitated the development of a common global design with standardized business process flows, using industry practices.

AGA chose Accenture based on its 30-year history developing and delivering SAP services and industry-specific resources.


Drawing upon its global footprint, its market-leading experience in SAP ERP implementations and knowledge of the mining industry, Accenture delivered a common set of business processes for AGA’s approximately 4,500 users across the world. Well-established project management principles and processes confirmed that all of the go-lives were delivered on time and within budget, while also meeting all audit quality checks.

The new system benefited AGA with:

  • Improved visibility across the business in terms of operations and reporting.

  • Improved consistency in managing operations and engineering work across global business units and locations due to a business process framework established for the company and embedded into the ERP system.

  • Improved controls in the purchase-to-pay, record-to-report, work management and project accounting processes.

To prepare AGA’s employees for the new processes and ERP solution, Accenture provided approximately 55 training courses delivered in 54 classrooms in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese. Accenture held design workshops simultaneously in all languages with real-time interpreters relaying information to delegates via headsets and translating questions to presenters.