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Accenture and Amadeus: Shaping the future of the travel experience

The Accenture and Amadeus alliance introduces innovation2 to the airline industry.

Innovation2 Accenture & Amadeus

Competition in the airline industry has never been fiercer. As companies struggle to differentiate themselves in an increasingly commoditized market, the race to innovate becomes more critical than ever. How will tomorrow’s leaders transform themselves to thrive?

Accenture and Amadeus are merging strengths to forge a new way of addressing the industry's challenges. We are building a forward looking, market defining set of new and innovative offerings and capabilities, drawing from the existing Amadeus and Accenture portfolio and expertise. By combining these capabilities, Amadeus and Accenture can assist airlines through transformation, addressing the most pressing issues and executing with speed, while leading the way in innovation.

How are Accenture and Amadeus answering the call for industry innovation?

The call for change

“We have a wonderful customer experience design for the future. Our vision for 2020 is perfectly clear. We’re just not able to implement it.”

“Collectively, the overall customer experience challenge faced by airlines in the study is “how to make it happen”—how to navigate a variety of issues, barriers and tradeoffs.

“The biggest challenge to implementing digital technology? Number one: culture. Number two: culture. And number three: culture.”

Insights from the Accenture Digital Readiness in the Airline Industry Study

The airline industry is becoming a customer centric business but has been inhibited in progress due to legacy processes and technologies. To achieve a competitive edge, airlines are re-thinking their operating models to achieve transformational change—from cost leadership to digitalized customer centricity.

Advanced technologies allow real time interaction with all relevant distribution channels, addressing personalized customer needs along the end-to-end travel value chain. The alliance between Accenture and Amadeus is a response to the market’s call for industry leadership and innovation to accelerate.

Co-Pilots of transformation

Together Accenture and Amadeus serve the airline industry end-to-end; cutting through the current IT complexity, unveiling system optimizations while bridging speed of customization and market shaping innovation. Accenture, a market leader in digital transformation and innovation, and Amadeus, with deep airline process expertise and unparalleled ability in mass data management across all functions, have come together to create tangible business outcomes—merging each party's distinct strengths to create a new way to address industry challenges.

“Brilliant idea. Amadeus, a core industry player, knows their product extremely well from an inside out perspective, and Accenture knows what it would take to bring those products into airline architecture. When those two players combine forces, it could be extremely powerful.”



The Alliance aims to impact these key areas:


Simplify the application landscape and delivery of capabilities


Catch up to leading industries in innovation


Strengthen and evolve digital platform


Maximize big data and best leverage customer insight

Above all else, however, the alliance seeks to transform the way airlines do business. The alliance is about delivering breakthrough innovative solutions to improve the customer’s travel experience. A more efficient, integrated approach to technology coupled with the right strategy allows airlines to tailor their products, creating an individualized travel experience. The revenue increases provide one benefit. But the overarching results are increased customer engagement, retention and satisfaction via the complete, connected travel experience consumers demand.

Innovation2 – Millennial 20/20

On March 1st and 2nd, the Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York will bring together start-ups, brands, retailers and corporates, world-class speakers, experiential exhibitors, live immersive showcases and a series of networking opportunities. The Accenture Amadeus Alliance is pleased to showcase some of the innovations our joint teams have been working on; host discussions from movers and shakers within the industry and beyond; and connect with the aviation startup ecosystem.