Creating healthy & resilient workforces

We drive human resilience and well-being for organizations to keep people happy, healthy and engaged – and ultimately unlock their full potential.

Encouraging open conversations

Accenture is a leading voice in breaking down the stigma around mental health.

Guiding your organization’s wellness journey

COVID-19 has increased awareness of mental health issues at home and work. As companies seek to create truly human work experiences, leaders are asking:

  • How can we develop human resilience and respond to heightened stress, while anticipating people’s future needs?
  • How can we build community and a collaborative environment while many of us work remotely?
  • How do we bring people back to work while keeping them physically and emotionally safe?
  • How can we improve inclusion and diversity, and increase equity in our workplace?

To help address these concerns, we have joined Thrive Global and the Josh Bersin Academy to provide a blended set of solutions to build human resilience and well-being. We combine our advisory services with Thrive Global’s mental resilience solutions and Josh Bersin Academy’s curated content and HR networking platform to build resilience at the organization, team and individual levels.

A rising need for care


Before COVID-19, our research found that 2/3 (67%) of workers strongly believe their employer is responsible for helping them become net better off, compared with just 35% of C-suite executives.


Just six months into the pandemic, this jumped to 3/4 (78%) of workers strongly believing their employer is responsible for helping them become net better off, with 50% of C-suite executives in agreement.


Roughly 1 in 2 workers agree that the ethical, sustainable and moral values a company holds will become more important to them after the pandemic passes.

Driving human resilience & well-being

We customize our programs and capabilities around your organization’s specific needs. Our collective solution with Thrive Global and the Josh Bersin Academy puts your people’s experience front and center as we address issues that impact life at work and home. Together, we offer research-based assessments and recommendations that help build resilience, encourage health and drive productivity across the global workforce.

Building relational, mental & physical resilience

In times of crisis, people look to leaders for compassion, care and confidence in navigating the company into the future. When people’s relational, mental and physical needs are met, they will be at their best personally and at work. Our collaboration with the Josh Bersin Academy and Thrive Global brings together the latest science, research and community learning to uplift people’s wellbeing and improve workforce performance.

The ability for leaders to address people’s physical, mental and relationship needs is the foundation of trust. Our Accenture workforce research spanning 15,600+ global workers in 10 countries and 15 industries shares insights on how leaders can help their people develop resilience by caring for these needs.

Chart showing the order of importance that leaders need to meet employee relational needs, mental needs, and physical needs.

We bring this to clients through:

Consulting & advisory services

Do leaders understand the steps required to shift culture, mindsets and outcomes? Tailored approaches help businesses create sustainable change.

Programming & social support

Do you have the tools to build resilience at all levels? Our custom learning solutions enable resilience across leadership, HR and the entire workforce.

Custom programs & analytics

Do you have a baseline understanding of employees’ well-being? We use a data-driven transformation approach with our resilience assessment and analytics.

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How do you leave people net better off?

Accenture research introduces a framework called “Net Better Off,” which centers on six distinct and connected dimensions that leaders must focus on to unlock their people’s potential: Emotional & Mental, Relational, Physical, Financial, Purposeful and Employable.

Our research found that 64 percent of a person’s potential—defined by their ability to use their skills and strengths at work—is influenced by whether or not they feel better off across these six dimensions. And while the emotional, relational and purposeful dimensions are the strongest drivers of positive employee behavior, most employers focus their efforts on only the employable and financial dimensions.

Our analysis found that organizations that make their people Net Better Off and implement specific organizational practices could achieve incremental revenue growth of as much as 5% even in times of crisis or amid weak GDP growth.

64 percent of a person’s potential is influenced by whether they feel better off across these six dimensions – emotional and mental, relational, physical, purposeful, employable, and financial.

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What we think


Working remotely and in new settings poses challenges. Companies are being called on to help people thrive and create truly human work experiences.

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How can we make work better for everyone? Responsible leaders make caring for employees’ well-being a priority.

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How to help your team's mental wellness

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Awards & recognition

We are proud at Accenture to be recognized for our commitment to caring for our people, supporting their well-being and embracing diversity.

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Accenture recognized as a leader by HFS Research

Accenture is positioned as a leader in the HFS Top 10 Employee Experience Services 2020: HR Transformation and Strategy report. The report from the independent research firm includes an analysis of the 10 most significant employee experiences services providers.

"In today’s environment, the huge investments in customer-facing digital technologies must be similarly enjoyed by the employees to create a customer experience that has immediate impact and also generates insights to anticipate changing behaviors down the road," said HFS Research CEO and Chief Analyst Phil Fersht.

"Accenture’s substantial technology-led advisory services give clients considerable capability to modernize HR and drive workforce experience,” said Fersht. “Clients noted Accenture’s particular strength in digital transformation that simplifies very complex ideas and initiatives that could be implemented at a speed which helped them stay ahead in this environment."


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