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Accenture delivers the deepest expertise and most distinctive capabilities to drive more value from your Salesforce investment within banking, insurance, capital markets and wealth management.

Leverage the combined strengths of Accenture and Salesforce to transform your business—creating new ways to innovate faster, sell smarter, reduce costs and deliver better, richer experiences to delight your customers, partners and employees.

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Winning with Open Banking webinar

As banks and ADI's face looming go-live dates for Open Banking in Australia, it can be difficult to plan beyond minimal capabilities. By exploring possibilities enabled by Open Banking, participants can start to build in optionality for likely new models of business and more personalised client interactions.

In this on-demand webinar we explore:

  • Capabilities required to excel in open banking
  • Models to best plan and execute
  • Impacts on financial inclusion and wellness
  • Thinking like a Third Party Provider (TPP)
  • Cross-Functional benefits and opportunities

Featured speakers

Alex Trott
Managing Director - Banking, Financial Services, Accenture

Stuart Ward
Director - Financial Services Strategy, APAC, Salesforce

Listen to Accenture’s Alex Trott and Salesforce’s Stuart Ward in this on-demand webinar.

Connections to you event

Join Salesforce and Accenture on 27 September 2019 at Connections to You and learn how to build better customer experiences with the Salesforce Platform. Hear from industry experts and learn how today’s change-makers are shaping the future. The event will offer amazing experience and practical insights you can take back to your organisation and implement.

International Convention Centre (ICC), 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Beyond Compliance – Winning with Open Banking

Banks and authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) across Australia are subject to immense pressure to meet the deadlines for open banking. This can lead to a blinkered focus on compliance to meet these deadlines, replacing a broader innovation strategy that considers potential operating models, products and value propositions that open banking enables. These include substantial benefits available through the development of new ecosystems, value chains and customer experiences, based on trusted customer relationships.

This paper, authored by Salesforce and Accenture, outlines our view on the challenges and opportunities presented by open banking. By exploring practical approaches to devising and executing new business models, products and services, it serves as a guide to help you and your organisation shape your open banking strategy.

Read the latest thinking from Salesforce and Accenture on how to shape your open banking strategy.

Read our latest thinking

Australia’s largest Salesforce practice

Globally, Accenture is recognised as the leading Salesforce partner by analysts Forrester Research, Inc, HfS and CapioIT.

Winner, multiple Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards.

  • Financial Services Industry Solution Award 2018, with AMP.
  • Connected Partner Ecosystem Award 2018, with Morgan Stanley.
  • Innovation in Financial Services Award 2017, with SunTrust.

Master certified in financial services and all 12 Salesforce-defined industries and clouds.


Implementations at clients across Australia and New Zealand.


People skilled in Salesforce at Accenture across Asia Pacific and 2,400 unique individuals certified.


Salesforce certifications held by Accenture people in Australia and New Zealand.

Trusted to lead financial services innovation

Independent research firm Forrester cites Accenture’s “largest, broadest, and most global Salesforce practice” and ability to deliver innovation. Accenture has been strongly positioned as a Leader—receiving top scores in the Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence categories.

Forrester noted that leadership in Salesforce implementation requires strong consulting capabilities, experience across multiple Salesforce clouds and an ability to deliver “extreme innovation.” Among the report’s findings:

  • Accenture has the largest global Salesforce practice, with more than 16,000 practitioners working on Salesforce projects and more than 5,000 with Salesforce certifications.
  • Accenture has substantial experience across all major Salesforce clouds and Salesforce industry clouds.
  • Accenture is extremely skilled in complex deployments in which fundamental business change is a key goal, with unparalleled capabilities across technology, consulting and operations.
  • Accenture makes significant investments in technologies like AI and automation.
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