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Tolerance Manager

Functional dimensioning and tolerancing services


Leader in engineering, Tolerance Manager is a software functional dimensioning and tolerancing developed by statistical mechanics for mechanics. Backed by 30 years of experience, Tolerance Manager allows to study the infl​uence of dispersion tolerances on your joints, and is part of a process Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) or research strength across the life cycle of your products.


With a global team of engineers, developers and trainers all from the industrial world, we are fully aware of the issues and problems related to good mastery of design. We are able to design methodology and solutions based on functional analysis and statistical tolerancing. We combine our deep industry knowledge with end-to end services.

TM Consulting Services

Our experience recognized with large group of Pharma, Electromechanical and mechanical engineering allows us to be a global player in the fields of design control and tolerancing statistics.

Both advisors, auditors and providers of study, we can provide our expertise for:

  • Assist you in project design or Robust Design DFSS,

  • You can make a business case complete design,

  • Conduct the study on tolerancing project,

  • Assess the risks when purchasing a product

  • Help validate the critical functions of a product design

  • Change your architecture to meet your product data and those from theoretical design

  • Validate your production

TM Software Solutions

Leader in engineering, TM is the most powerful, reliable and accomplished software for functional dimensioning and tolerancing statistically on the market. Developed at the heart of the industrial reality, by mechanics for mechanics, he allows to instinctively calculate the influence of dispersion tolerances on your joints.

Discover our Software Offer:

  • TM: A powerful solution and instinctive, accessible to all

  • TM Design: A fully integrated tolerancing your CAD.

  • Tolerance Manager Quality Module: Add qualification and management measures to your tool tolerancing.

TM Training Services

Specialized in training for excellence, our team can help you to set up a design control process in your company.

We can provide an exhaustive range of trainings for design tolerancing and quality:

  • The stackes of design control

  • Functional dimensioning

  • Technical drawing

  • One day technical drawing

  • Industrial statistics

  • Industrial statistics « complement »