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Sustainable value

Stronger metrics to drive differentiation and growth


Delivering a positive impact for society is one of the C-suite’s critical priorities as they seek out value creation and growth.

Business leaders aim to identify and capture opportunities for sustainable value creation. They need to evaluate the business case and build sustainability performance insights into management decisions and strategy, with robust governance, analytics and reporting. We work with organizations on sustainable value programs to:

  • Define priorities and targets: Use a valuation framework to understand sustainability and competitiveness impacts to screen opportunities and set targets

  • Quantify value potential: Create the business case to identify and prioritize sustainable business opportunities and quantify their value

  • Measure and communicate performance and impact: Develop KPIs, automate and enhance reporting functions and financial processes to measure the value generated

  • Build capabilities: Take practical steps to exploit quantified sustainability opportunities that drive competitiveness and growth.

We also help clients develop deep insights on sustainability issues based on our ongoing investment in research, including recent studies on consumer and investor expectations and global executive opinion on corporate sustainability and climate change.

By better navigating sustainability, leaders can turn costs and risks into business opportunities.

Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to use sustainability as a lens for value creation, in a digitally disrupted world, driving innovation and growth. We help clients to integrate sustainable approaches into organizations' strategies, operating models, processes and technologies, to embrace the rapidly evolving ecosystem in which they reside.

Accenture Strategy is uniquely positioned to help you develop and implement a tailored sustainable value strategy through the integration of three critical ingredients:

  • Viability – to introduce industry-specific, financial and strategic viability

  • Desirability – to deliver what customers want and need

  • Feasibility – to advance technical and organizational feasibility

“The UN Global Compact-Accenture Strategy CEO Study shows a growing recognition of the interdependencies between business and societal goals, and CEOs believe they are making progress in embedding sustainability.”
Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Sustainability

Specific Services

Despite the widespread belief that sustainability is good for business, executives struggle to quantify and demonstrate the business value of their sustainability initiatives. A gap exists between companies and investors in terms of accurate valuation from a business perspective. Companies need to take action based on emerging approaches to quantify both value to business and value to society.

Sustainable valuation enables companies to link non-financial targets to financial metrics, quantify intangibles, better manage the product portfolio and embed metrics into both performance management processes and incentive structures.

Our sustainable value solutions address:

  • Valuation framework: Developing value programs to strengthen strategy development

  • Business case creation: Developing sustainability-led business cases

  • Driving the portfolio: Designing and supporting sustainability portfolio assessments

  • Embedding value creation: Implementing sustainability performance management systems and KPIs