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Accenture risk analytics network: Credit risk analytics

Read why Accenture is the right partner for a risk analytics initiative and what skills and experience they bring to each client’s assignment.

Accenture, as a leader in risk analytics, works closely with banks and other financial institutions in developing the building blocks of credit risk analytics.

Why Accenture
There are many reasons why Accenture is the right partner for risk analytics initiatives. Accenture has a Risk Analytics Network with experienced professionals from local Asia Pacific countries. Our people have extensive in-market experience, with broad and diversified modeling skills. They also bring broad industry insights, knowledge, and familiarity with industry specific benchmarking standards to each client assignment.

Accenture’s broad corporate knowledge acquired through the years by working with leading firms developing end-to-end solutions allows us to support clients in important transformation projects and initiatives. Our risk analytics services give clients access to a mature quantitative methodology, qualitative assessment capabilities in addition to a systematic approach, and proprietary assets to assist them in their risk analytics capability development and implementation.

Accenture’s approach focuses on collaboration, prioritizes what needs to be undertaken early in an assignment and aligns itself with a client’s needs and comfort level. This delivers ‘quick wins’ to stimulate organizational confidence, buy-in and create focus and momentum.

Accenture’s solutions can accommodate an adaptable business strategy, operating model and solution architecture. These solutions also provide the necessary flexibility, built on scalable platforms to meet future needs and growth opportunities and respond to evolving environmental challenges, including new regulatory requirements to seize a competitive advantage.

Industry & topics highlighted

Financial Services