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Improving performance with systematic spare parts pricing optimisation

Read about Accenture parts optimisation and learn how we help clients improve their performance with systematic spare parts pricing optimisation.


The potential of spare parts to generate revenue is always under-exploited. Accenture’s solution for setting prices according to the perceived value has the double advantage of increasing performance while enhancing the manufacturer’s image by rationalizing its spare part prices.

Video Summary
When equipment breaks down, manufacturers know that fast and effective repair is key to limiting downtimes that can cause a loss in revenues. But this is not always easy. Machine tool diversity, production facility evolution and external acquisitions lead to dramatic growth in the number of spare-parts references required to maintain and run a production line, which severely complicates spare-part identification and, more generically, inventory and procurement management. Accenture Parts Optimisation has used its experience to develop a suite of methodologies and assets to help clients increase spare part visibility and availability, optimize inventory and significantly reduce costs while improving efficiency of operations.



Accenture Parts Optimisation helps industrial companies looking to boost performance and brand image and drive excellence in spare parts management. Watch the video to learn more about how Accenture Parts Optimisation helps client get the most out of their operations in spare parts management from catalogue management to pricing optimisation.

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Download PDF—Price Optimisation for High Performance: How the Accenture Parts Optimisation Can Boost Performance and Brand Image [PDF, 425KB]
Accenture experience suggests that although spare parts often represent only 10 percent of global turnover, they can contribute up to 50 percent of net income for an average industrial or automotive company.

Read the brochure and contact us to explore the potential.ENTER TEXT HER

Accenture is helping Whirlpool Europe improve its performance with an innovative, centralized and customer-centric approach to spare parts pricing. The solution, which leverages the Accenture Parts Optimisation offering, aligns the price of spare parts to customers’ perceived value of those parts. As a result, customers find the pricing to be more fair and the overall service experience to be more satisfying. Customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from optimized pricing. When the solution is completely deployed, Whirlpool expects to see more than a 13 percent boost to profitability in its spare parts business.

Download PDF— Working with Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Manitou to Implement a Spare Parts Pricing Optimisation Program to Improve Performance and Profitability [PDF, 512KB]
Accenture Parts Optimisation has helped Manitou improve the performance and profitability of its services business unit and of its network of dealers, by introducing an innovative and industrialized approach to spare parts pricing. This new approach, which aligns pricing policies to customer’s perceived value, has helped to optimize revenues generated by the 6,300 spare parts included in the program. It has also improved Manitou’s pricing consistency, thus driving greater customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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