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Operational Agility for Consumer Goods

Learn why CPG companies need to serve diverse consumer needs around the world.


CPG companies need to serve diverse consumer needs around the world while running in a more cost-efficient way that adds more value back to the business. To help consumer goods CEOs, CFOs and COOs, Accenture:

  • Strategically manages cost in a closed-loop manner: Provides visibility into spend across the company—regions, business units and categories—then cuts costs in a smart way by removing spend that is duplicative or does not add value to the business.

  • Develops a fit-for-purpose operating model: Designs a Global Business Services (GBS) unit that provides front- and back-office services to the business in a highly integrated, efficient and flexible way, enabling all other units to work better.

  • Drives process excellence: Defines which processes to run through the clients’ GBS unit, puts best-practice processes in place, tackling process definition from the end customer all the way back, and offers low-cost sourcing models to run the processes.

The Accenture differentiation is the integration of these three components, which delivers incremental value compared to the stand-alone elements, making our approach sustainable and driving continuous improvement. And we do not stop at operational efficiency, but continue by guiding clients to reinvest these savings into initiatives that increase competitiveness and drive growth.

Why Accenture

We have unmatched experience in consumer goods and a truly global reach:

  1. Blending architecture and operationalization. We offer the architectural definition to pursue business objectives. We have the vision, processes and knowledge of best-practice.

  2. The closed-loop (or ZBB) approach. We have the assets and tools to implement change more quickly. We offer the combination of rapid cost take-out and long term sustainability of costs, with ready-to-use asset and tools, and a quality of benchmarks that comes from proven experience.

  3. Managing the human change. We focus on establishing ownership, changing habits and creating a cost-reduction culture across the company.

  4. Managing the overlaps in both definition and execution. We bring together strategy, technology and operations, which means we can work across the different areas.

  5. The ability to deliver. Any competitor can say this is the right thing to do, but they can’t do all of it. We can help clients not just design it but also help run it. Indeed, we have already helped clients do this.

Specific Services

  • Zero-Based Budgeting

  • Strategic Cost Management

  • Operating Model Design and Implementation

  • Global Business Services Operations

  • Shared Services

  • BPO

  • Demand-Driven Supply Chain

  • Sourcing and Procurement

  • M&A Integration

Latest Thinking

  • Closed-loop Strategic Cost Management

    • Q&A: Accenture’s Robert Willems offers a taste of what’s happening now in CPG cost management and what’s coming next

  • Operating Model

  • Process Excellence

  • Demand Driven Supply Chain

Client Case Studies