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Multi-tier supply chain management

Accenture focuses on providing targeted consulting, technology, and managed services to manage the A&D multi-tier supply chain.


The past decade has seen the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) supply base assume increased responsibility from original equipment integrators from design, to manufacturing, to assembly. Simultaneously, integrators have reduced the number of suppliers they work with and asked those they retain to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

This is a great deal to ask, even in the best of times. Yet for a supply base slowly emerging from the economic downturn, these are far from normal times. As integrators place greater responsibility in the hands of the supply base, it is incumbent upon them to effectively predict, identify, and mitigate risk across the multi-tier A&D supply chain.

Accenture works with integrators and suppliers across the A&D product life cycle to manage the challenges of the multi-tier supply chain.

Why Accenture
Accenture works with Aerospace and Defense (A&D) integrators and tier one suppliers across the globe to design, source and sustain extended supply chains. By combining our understanding of aerospace business process and financial requirements with leading analytic, supply chain and supplier management technologies, Accenture works with our clients to identify specific risks, implement processes and tools to mitigate risks and monitor on-going risk.

From strategic sourcing to managing engineering changes, from supporting supplier quality to implementing and sustaining vendor managed inventory programs, and from implementing analytics to using them to support program delivery and financial performance, Accenture understands and addresses the key challenges of the multi-tier supply chain.

Specific Services

Accenture focuses on providing targeted consulting, technology, and managed services to manage the multi-tier A&D supply chain.

  • Make versus Buy

    • We help our Aerospace and Defense clients understand which activities are core and non-core to their businesses and help design a supplier strategy based on that strategic direction.
  • Supplier Segmentation and Strategic Sourcing

    • Accenture helps our clients segment their supply bases and manage strategic sourcing operations on their behalf.
  • Product Data Management

    • Accenture helps our clients implement and manage the processes and technologies required to manage complex product data across the extended supply chain.
  • Quality and First Item Inspection

    • Accenture provides managed services to help our clients manage supplier quality across multiple suppliers and geographies.
  • Multi-Tier Visibility and Control Tower

    • Accenture helps our clients gain improved visibility into extended supply chain operations and implement the means to prepare for—and react to—supply chain volatility.
  • Operational and Financial Performance Measurement

    • Accenture helps our clients identify, implement and analyse the operational measures that drive financial performance.