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Managing the return to growth in the aerospace and defense supply chain

 Find out how Accenture helps Aerospace and Defense companies effectively manage multiple tiers of their supply chain to help attain targeted outcomes.


While the overall global economic recovery continues at an uncertain pace, the rapid growth of commercial aviation orders from 2010 to 2012 has brought opportunities and challenges to the global aerospace industry. The industry’s rapid, intense contraction during the recession hit hardest within the supply base. Suppliers consolidated, reduced capacity and in many cases ceased operation altogether.

Yet the retrenchment of the supply base places aerospace industry growth at risk. Suppliers’ ability to quickly meet surging demand for multiple customers on time, completely and at expected levels of quality is the most fragile component of the aerospace recovery. The health of the supply base has moved to the top of the agenda for original equipment integrators and tier one suppliers alike.

Why Accenture

Through its work with integrators and tier one suppliers Accenture has developed the perspective and tools to help Aerospace and Defense companies effectively manage the multiple tiers of the supply chain. Accenture works with our clients to design, deploy, and manage:

  • Initial supplier evaluation and direct material sourcing

  • Supply chain risk management

  • Supplier quality management, eg. first article inspection

  • Cross-supply chain product data management

  • Supplier improvement programs, e.g. lean, systems integration

  • Multi-tier supply chain visibility and coordination.

Accenture’s perspective and capabilities are built on our experience working across the Aerospace and Defense industry and with the companies and governments that operate the industry’s products.

Specific Services

Accenture provides targeted consulting services, implements contemporary technologies, and runs managed services that address the critical issues facing Aerospace and Defense companies as they work with their suppliers to support industry growth. We provide our services individually and in combination to suit our clients’ specific requirements and help them attain their targeted business outcomes.


  • Strategic sourcing

  • Procurement operations

  • Quality management

  • Supplier collaboration

  • Lean operations


  • Multi-tier supply chain visibility

  • Control tower

  • ERP and supplier integration

Managed Services

  • Sourcing execution

  • Procurement execution

  • Supplier management

  • First article inspection

Accenture is focused on helping our Aerospace and Defense clients meet the challenges of industry growth by providing the know-how, tools, and infrastructure to manage the extended industry supply base.