The Liquid Studio in Sydney delivers innovation, rapid prototyping and full stack engineering to help clients navigate new IT and emerging technologies. Direct access is provided to the best engineering talent and the latest innovations from around the world.


Rapid Prototyping

The Sydney Liquid Studio team is accelerating solutions using short Agile sprints, lightweight architecture, DevOps and Cloud to create proofs of concept, pilots and demos. Using emerging technologies to build hardware and software services, features and products using robust code that’s ready to scale.

Rapid Delivery

By establishing the right platforms, tools and operating models with Liquid Studio architecture experts, our clients can kick start large scale projects rapidly, from deployment to production.

Innovation Workshops

Engage in interactive sessions with Liquid Studio residents designed to inspire, explore and ideate on business challenges and opportunities, creating use cases and solutions quickly.

High-touch Engineering

Implement modern methods, architectures and delivery models to meet business needs and deliver minimal lovable products (MLP). Co-locate client teams in the Liquid Studio with the ability to add functionality rapidly and incrementally.

Modern Application Development

Modern, digital and omni-channel applications that bring state of the art experience to your users while being developed on cloud technologies with microservices that are self-scalable and recoverable.


Bringing automation, deeper insights and personalisation to customers through smart agents, machine learning, natural language processing technologies and robotics.
Bringing a smarter, connected experience for customers and for the enterprise through leveraging wearable devices, IoT sensors and augmented and virtual reality technologies to improve safety, productivity and experience of everyone.
Developed on cloud technologies, with microservices, self-scalable and self-recoverable, these applications are “always on” via web and mobile channels.



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