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Connecting you to the start-ups that matter


Companies are starting to recognize the tremendous value potential of third party innovation—as either ecosystem partners or acquisitions—which can help drive revenue growth, cost reduction and improve risk management. While there is no shortage of innovative start-ups that companies can consider, the challenge is finding the ones that fit with your company’s processes, systems and culture. Successfully filtering can be difficult and time consuming.

Innovation-as-a-Service helps clients navigate this process by providing senior executives with direct access to the best digital innovators and entrepreneurs from across the globe. We work with clients to help them gain early access to the latest trends and technologies, filter and make sense of which start-ups and technologies could be most valuable, and help design the highest impact pilots and partnerships for their business.

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Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to leverage digital disruption for growth. Working with Accenture to formulate “incubation” strategies with third parties helps businesses generate and harness innovation to see real value.

In an environment where digital technology drives value creation and growth, our innovative strategies bring a unique combination of global industry experience and knowledge to help organizations adopt new ideas and remake their businesses to generate new growth.

Digital leaders are proactively and provocatively engaging customers and start-ups—while followers tend to react to incumbents' digital efforts

Specific Services

Innovation-as-a-Service is one of four Digital Strategy offerings we leverage to help our clients deliver growth and efficiency through digital opportunities. Read more about our other three offerings:

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