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Human Resources for Financial Services

Helping establish a strategic HR function that supports transforming business objectives in a disrupted digital environment


Rosario Russo

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, Human Resources Lead

Digital transformation is having a profound impact on how work is organized, performed, managed and led, as well as on the employee experience. We help financial services firms take advantage of digital to execute their talent agenda. We assist them in building the new capabilities that establish HR as a partner and coach to the business, and in delivering a “consumerized” employee experience.

The objectives that we target include:

  • A strategic HR function that shatters traditional boundaries to deliver the required business outcomes.

  • An HR operating model that is employee-centric, flexible and scalable.

  • HR technology solutions that deliver a differentiated employee experience and provide organizational talent insights.

Human resource for financial services

What we do

HR Strategy and Execution

The first step in developing a strategic digital HR strategy is undertaking diagnostic and capability assessments. The strategy then guides the development of a functional operating model that focuses on capability building and strategic cost reduction, and includes HR for the extended workforce. We assist with the realization of the HR vision, and the execution and program management of the HR roadmap.

Consumerized Employee Experience

We help financial services firms design and execute an optimized employee experience. From diagnosis to implementation, and including upskilling and change enablement, we provide assistance throughout the talent lifecycle. Areas of particular focus include performance management, and the automation, optimization and virtualization of HR shared services.

HR Digitization

After completing a technology assessment and defining the target state, we help our clients design, build, test and deploy a range of both on-premise and cloud-enabled digital HR solutions that enhance the employee experience. HR analytics solutions play a key role—we are the system integration partner of most preferred software developers, in addition to which, we offer HR analytics as a service.


What we think