Enterprise operations for communications, media and technology

Enterprise Operations Services help Australian clients efficiently respond to and capitalise on market opportunities, improving top and bottom line performance.​


Accenture believes that staying ahead in today’s converging marketplace, requires out-structuring and out-executing the competition. Accenture Enterprise Operations Services will strive to help improve your global operations within this uncertain economy and increase structural and executional excellence in key areas such as human resources, supply chain and finance. High performers continue to evolve while balancing costs and managing risk, and by adjusting their operating model and formulating world-class back office operations to achieve a competitive advantage.

Accenture Enterprise Operations Services Overview Video for the Communications, Media and Technology Industries

View the Overview video for Accenture Enterprise Operations that highlights how Accenture can help improve the efficiency of back office functions and systems in an organisation, to allow greater focus on the implementation of new growth strategies knowing this will be underpinned by an effective global operating model.

For more information on Accenture Enterprise Operations Services, contact us at: CMT Enterprise Operations Team.

Why Accenture

Accenture uses differentiated solutions to address specific operating model issues such as evolving customer needs, expanding into new geographies, underperformance due to lack of agility in supply chain and customer responsiveness. It also addresses selling, general and administrative spend. The benefits that Accenture Enterprise Operations Services can give clients include the ability to efficiently respond to and capitalise on market opportunities as well as gain improvements from top line and bottom line performance.

Enterprise Operations Services focus on two key areas:

  • Helping you develop and implement a true global operating model that can enable your organisation to grow strategically in the market place and help enable a strong level of competitive differentiation

  • Helping you increase structural and executional excellence within your organisation to formulate an effective and efficient operational environment to underpin your market growth and development.

Specific Services

Accenture aims to assist its clients to help them maximise growth in its current and future markets. Choosing to utilise Accenture Enterprise Operations Services can provide your company with cost effective solutions that can improve efficiency and provide you the right tools to develop and maintain a strong workforce.

Key areas where Accenture Enterprise Operations could be valuable to your organisation’s development include:

  • Operating model strategy and change management.

  • Industry specific solutions for back-office functions to provide cost effective solutions for end to end processes.

  • Solutions in the areas of next wave in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT Outsourcing (IT), Application Outsourcing (AO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in areas such as Finance, Supply Chain, IT & HR.