Accenture customer operations services for Communications, Media and Technology

Accenture Customer Operations Services for Australia help companies improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering an integrated customer experience.


Accenture Customer Operations helps companies deliver an integrated customer experience to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction with a parallel focus on lowering the cost to serve. Through a number of related offerings, this business service helps optimize customer interactions from marketing, sales, and complex solutions selling by streamlining the sales force, indirect channel partnerships and joint initiatives to develop a next-generation business.

  • Marketing Effectiveness

  • Sales and Service Transformation

  • Billing and Revenue Management

  • Retail for Communications, Media and Technology

  • Accenture Joint Initiative Solution

  • Accenture Indirect Channel Solution

Accenture Customer Operations Services

View the Overview video for Accenture Customer Operations Services that highlights how integrating marketing, sales and service across multiple channels can help our clients deliver a customized, yet consistent customer experience.

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Why Accenture

Accenture Customer Operations Services creates an integrated and consistent yet differentiated customer experience while maximizing channels, enabling our clients to improve customer loyalty, satisfaction and achieve profitable growth.

Differentiated Sales and Support Experience

  • Differentiated service experience that matches the upfront customer promise(s) and is cohesive and consistent across channels, the entire value chain and customer life cycle

  • Win/win cost-efficient service delivery that balances value to the customer with enterprise value

Smart Monetisation in the New Ecosystem

  • Integrated marketing across the traditional and digital ecosystem including social media channels to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, loyalty, trust, and advocacy amongst followers

  • Precision targeting, pricing and yield management, increasing acquisition, cross/up selling and retention

  • Higher revenue per transaction and higher ARPU over time

  • Reduced/eliminated revenue leakage

Rapid Time to Market and Penetration into New Markets

  • Rapid time to market for new services and offers
  • Fast and effective approach to penetrate new markets
  • Accelerated enterprise market growth

Specific Services

Customer Operations Service Offerings:

Marketing Effectiveness Solutions
Accenture’s marketing effectiveness solutions help clients transform marketing as a crucial component of customer operations, working to help optimize customer acquisition, retention and growth through effective multi-channel management, by leveraging customer insights, by developing relevant value propositions, by using effective channels and by enhancing marketing operations.

Sales and Service Transformation Solutions
Accenture’s sales and service transformation solutions are a comprehensive suite of analytical assets, methodologies and implementation services, including market-leading business process outsourcing capabilities, which enable clients to use an integrated, multi-channel sales and service strategy to strengthen customer relationships, increase customer ownership and grow sales and revenue across their customer operations.

Billing and Revenue Management Solutions
Accenture’s billing and revenue management solutions deliver rapid creation and support for billing functionality required for customer operations in today's varied communications environment, enabling clients to establish new or improved billing and customer care capabilities to increase revenue generation, avoid revenue leakage and rationalize pre-and post-paid billing architectures.

Accenture Retail Solution for Communications, Media and Technology
Accenture’s retail solutions for Communications, Media and Technology are a comprehensive suite of analytical assets, methodologies and implementation services to drive top-line growth, customer retention, and bottom-line savings across customer operations by improving merchandising effectiveness and store experience.

Accenture Joint Initiative Solution
The Accenture Joint Initiative Solution includes a structured collaboration model between Accenture and a strategic business partner that can help a company accelerate its path to enterprise market growth by enabling access to C-level decisions made to transform the enterprise and its customer operations in order to pull through a large volume of equipment, software and services.

Accenture Indirect Channel Solution
The Accenture Indirect Channel Solution helps clients leverage indirect channels to expand the reach of their sales force and successfully penetrate new markets (e.g., new countries) and customer segments (e.g., SMB), utilizing solutions, knowledge and experience that span customer operations and the entire indirect channel value chain.


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