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Commercial real estate services and portfolio management


Access to timely and accurate asset performance and market information is a key component to world-class asset management.

Successful investors embrace core asset management strategies, which enable them to make better investment decisions, free up critical staff and operate more efficiently.

Accenture Credit Services commercial real estate professionals have experience defining, implementing and managing solutions for mid-market, corporate and real estate businesses. Accenture helps to rebuild and run the services required by real estate investment trusts (REITs), investors and owners, and streamline their investment and portfolio management operations, automate front-office processes and boost employee productivity.

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Providing asset managers with high-quality data can be difficult and costly. Accenture understands this challenge and brings the know-how to help investors and owners rise to the occasion. Accenture has extensive commercial real estate experience, helping many of the top investors, owners and operators improve the way they manage and improve returns. We serve more than 65 institutional real estate companies, including:

  • Three of the world’s top four banks

  • Eight of the top 20 real estate investment trusts (REITs)

  • Five of the 10 largest real estate owners and investors


Accenture provides the support to help our clients transform their business. By leveraging our unique capabilities in processing, technology and consulting, we help commercial real estate asset managers increase their operational efficiency to meet current and anticipated challenges.