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Accenture CAS Direct Store Delivery

Accenture CAS Direct Store Delivery employs this key selling and distribution method to achieve better business outcomes for consumer goods companies.


Accenture CAS Direct Store Delivery helps employ this key selling and distribution method to achieve better business outcomes for consumer goods organizations. Developed together with some of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, Accenture CAS Direct Store Delivery (DSD) equips you with the tools you need to make your DSD processes truly efficient.

Using fully integrated mobile devices, it empowers your drivers and delivery team to tackle store merchandising and sales activities. It weaves high performance into every stage of your delivery loop—from early morning vehicle checks to end-of-the-day stock monitoring.

Give your delivery team the information they need, when and where they need it—including valuable guidance about pricing, promotions and other customer knowledge.

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Why Accenture

With the right information at your delivery teams’ fingertips, you can better understand a store manager’s needs and help make sure they have the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.

Superior usability: We have designed Accenture CAS so it is simple for daily business use. This includes process-guided navigation for users, flexible role-centric set-ups and entry through keyboard or touch screen to ensure fast, efficient data entry. Enjoy immediate productivity benefits thanks to clear, easy-to-use display and out-of-the-box functionality that requires minimal training.

Unite your workforce: All DSD roles such as presales, van sales, delivery driver or merchandizer are supported, including mixed roles allowing full visibility of activities between your delivery teams, field sales teams and head office.

Increase your revenues: Clearly define and deploy objectives, plans and actions for your DSD teams—including in-store activities such as promotions and product introductions.

Embrace change: Identify and respond to rapid shifts in demand as soon as you identify them, ensuring faster replenishment cycles.

Reduce out-of-stocks: Actively monitor results to boost sales through uninterrupted product availability.

Optimize your efficiency: Automate time-consuming DSD and field processes for store-specific compliance checks and in-store performance audits, as well as cut admin time and speed up customer service.

Boost your productivity: Reduce order entry time, cut admin, hone routing and expand your drivers’ role to encompass a broader range of activities.

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Specific Services

Accenture CAS includes:

  • Trade Promotion Management: Supporting closed loop promotion and account planning processes to gain visibility into trade investments, spending forecasts and customer profitability.

  • Trade Promotion Optimization: Using analytics to provide account managers with deeper insight into the net effect of promotional activities and predictive models to optimize future category plans.

  • Retail Execution: Improving sales performance by focusing field sales execution toward high-value visits and activities.

  • Direct Store Delivery: Enabling manufacturers or consumer products organizations to manage sales orders, delivery, inventory and cash collection at a store level.

  • Distributor Management: Enabling visibility and control across the distributor value chain.

  • Customer Service: Support for field service and customer service to deliver an integrated customer experience.

  • Digital Merchandising Service: Offering companies a fast, reliable and cost-effective view of their products’ POS presence and placement.

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Accenture NewsPage includes:

  • NewsPage Distributor Management: Helps you control promotions, improve productivity, streamline inventory and get accurate, reliable data on your secondary sales.

  • NewsPage Sales Force Automation: Designed specifically for emerging and developing markets. It supports all your sales channels, all delivery models, in all geographical locations–and it can link up with most legacy and back-office systems.

  • NewsPage Merchandising Solution: Enables merchandisers execute and track their in-store metrics efficiently thereby increasing their in-market time.

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