Business process management:
Services overview

Accenture Business Process Management (BPM) Services can help enable business processes that can respond to change.


Today’s volatile business environment, and the increasing complexity and proliferation of high-impact technologies such as analytics, cloud computing, software-as-a-service and mobility, pose tough challenges to management teams.  To address them, companies in all industries and geographies are focusing more attention and resources on business process management (BPM).

Accenture’s approach, called Value-Driven Business Process Management, translates strategy into execution, using process as the critical link to help organizations realize immediate and measurable results while establishing a sustainable BPM capability.

We develop process-based governance and assets enabling the right focus, helping decide where to innovate and what not to change. Through the “process of process management". We then drive this to execution—aligning technologies, mobilizing people through change management and making rapid adjustments to both.

While many companies provide assistance with specific elements of BPM, Accenture’s unique combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools generates value quickly, delivers measurable results and creates durable BPM solutions.

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Why Accenture

Accenture’s unique combination of skills, approaches, methodologies, frameworks and tools gives us an unrivalled ability to:

Generate value quickly. Accenture combines our clients’ business drivers with our well-proven accelerators and assets, backed by deep industry and functional knowledge to help organizations quickly realize the value of their BPM investment through positive business change. Key BPM capabilities that enable Accenture to generate value quickly:

  • BPM Centers of Excellence with more than 100 BPM experts developing cutting-edge measurement and research tools

  • More than 20,000 reference models covering 71 industries, providing a wealth of cross-industry knowledge

  • Standard BPM Asset Handbook to ensure projects are focused on value

Deliver measurable results. We put BPM at the heart of driving business change, enabling a more agile connection to people, processes and technology. Working with a network of strategic alliances coupled with our highly skilled and certified professionals, Accenture can deliver standardization, optimization, automation and innovation to business processes which leads to measurable results, both quantitative and qualitative. Accenture can draw upon a number of specific resources to deliver measurable results including:

  • 600 core BPM experts (both in BPM Lifecycle management and BPM Automation) and 4300 aligned BPM practitioners from projects conducted at more than 500 BPM clients worldwide

  • Strategic alliances with IBM, Oracle Software AG, Pegasystems and SAP

  • Process lifecycle management capabilities and techniques such as Lean Six Sigma that allow continuous and measurable process improvement

Create durable BPM solutions. Accenture is well positioned to help organizations put great business processes into place and we instill a “process of process management” complete with tools and training to help manage future challenges and opportunities. We create solutions that our clients can manage on their own, with the help of our BPM specialists, or through Business Process Outsourcing, where we build market-leading solutions using BPM tools to maximize client value and flexibility. Critical to Accenture’s ability to create durable BPM solutions are the following:

  • Dedicated BPM Centers of Excellence in India

  • More than 100 BPM assets and offerings

  • Internet-based access to business process library with more than 20,000 process models and IT frameworks

Specific Services

Accenture offers a full range of BPM offerings across consulting, technology, and outsourcing that deliver value quickly, provide measurable results, and have long-lasting value.

Consulting. Our BPM consulting solutions consist of BPM Lifecycle Management, Process Improvement, Change Management, and Operating Model Strategy.

Technology. Within our Technology Practice, we offer BPM Automation, BPM Architecture, and Enhanced ERP Implementation.

Outsourcing. Our BPM outsourcing solutions consist of Process Repository Management, Applications Management, Business Process Outsourcing.