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Insurance business process services

Improve the quality and speed of claims processing with insurance business process services.


Leading insurers increasingly outsource business processes to Accenture to help streamline and simplify operations—not just to reduce costs, but to improve agility and free up resources in ways that help their organizations generate new business.

Through shared platforms in multiple insurance processing centers, we’ve built a remarkable track record of success. We help insurers:

  • Reduce operating costs, while increasing cost transparency and predictability

  • Improve cash flow and limit capital investment requirements.

  • Enhance processing speed, accuracy and consistency

  • Improve service to customers and intermediaries

  • Simplify operating infrastructure

  • Add flexibility to better manage changes in transaction volumes resulting from shifts in the market or mergers and acquisitions.

We help insurers improve the quality and speed of claims processing key elements of high performance while also reducing costs.


Our deep understanding of the insurance industry enables us to offer a wide variety of proven business process services (BPS):

Life and Annuity Policy Services—From front-line sales to back-office administration, we provide support for the policy-owner function.

Property and Casualty Policy Services—We provide administrative support for underwriting and policy services, as well as decision tools to automate underwriting risk selection and pricing.

Property and Casualty Claims Services—We help insurers focus on customer service to build loyalty and organic growth. This includes automating high-frequency, low severity claims, and facilitating the settlement of high-severity claims.

Pension Services—We excel at enhancing pension-related strategies, processes and technologies. Our services span contributions, benefits and asset management, general ledger and reporting, and call center support.

Collections and Disbursements Services—We partner with SAP to offer insurers a comprehensive collections and disbursements solution on a one-to-many platform. This approach enables a smooth integration with existing processes and systems, and up-to-the-minute cash flow statements.


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