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Accenture distribution and marketing services: Insights and analytics for banks

Helping banks transform data into valuable information to generate sales and create differentiated customer experiences.


In an increasingly competitive market, banks that can transform vast amounts of data into valuable information can help generate sales and create differentiated customer experiences. The ability to use quantitative data to shape decisions and outcomes has become a key source of competitive advantage over the past decade. Yet, for many banks, data remains an underused and underappreciated asset. As customers demand more qualified information and expect more personalized experiences, it is critical for banks to be able to segment clients based on needs, channel propensity and potential value.

Banks can leverage data analytics to:

  • Enhance customer acquisition, retention and cross-selling.

  • Optimize pricing structures.

  • Gain customer insights through integration with relationship management architecture.

  • Implement real-time event management to improve contact rates and redemption rates.

By leveraging analytics in an integrated, strategic manner, banks can derive actionable insights, shape business decisions and improve outcomes.

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Why Accenture

Accenture’s banking industry expertise, assets, people and tools are unmatched. From strategy to execution, we help our clients develop the predictive capabilities needed to outperform in these fast-changing times. We blend management consulting, technology and outsourcing offerings to enable our clients to achieve speed, innovation and differentiation.

Accenture’s full spectrum of analytics services spans point solutions, end-to-end integration and outsourcing key business processes, and includes cross-functional analytics, functional analytics, industry analytics and information management. Learn more about Accenture Analytics.

Our strategic alliances with leading vendors enable us to underpin our service models and offerings with leading-edge technology. We also leverage the Accenture Global Delivery Network to industrialize, automate and derive data-driven insight.

Personalizing Customer Experiences

Personalizing customer experiences with real-time and predictive analytics in banking
Gone are the days of data mining. With real-time, predictive analytics, banks have the ability to derive customer insights, improve regulatory compliance and make better decisions.

In this podcast, Edwin van der Ouderaa discusses how banks can leverage real-time, predictive analytics as a critical component of creating personalized customer experiences.