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Accenture distribution and marketing services: Growth and innovation for banks

Helping banks lower costs and enabling growth through service model innovation.


Banks can lower costs and enable growth through service model innovation—especially when applied in concert with sophisticated marketing, analytics and integrated multichannel distribution.

Changes in the banking landscape have placed a spotlight on innovation. Trends such as increasingly demanding customers, banking retailization, and the evolution and revolution of retail banking have rendered current bank service models unsustainable. To position for success in the future, banks require new and innovative business models.

Banks must focus on several model dimensions:

  • Value-chain innovation and the development of alliances to extend reach.

  • Marketing and distribution innovation that leverages analytics, multichannel integration and digital marketing.

  • Product and service innovation, reorganized by customer need with a focus on simplicity and transparency.

  • Creating new opportunities for business.

By developing a sound strategy based on innovative service models and differentiated capabilities, banks can gain wallet share, decrease cost-to-serve ratios and sustain growth.

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Why Accenture

Accenture leverages extensive banking knowledge to work with clients to shape their growth agenda and plan required IT capabilities. We provide an integrated view of management consulting, technology and outsourcing that enables us to help clients optimize investments.

At Accenture, innovation is a service and a business capability. We monitor and invest in business best practices and technology, and leverage these investments to help our clients create structured processes to manage and sustain innovation.

Our innovation performance services help organizations to get predictable, profitable results from their innovation efforts. The Financial Services Innovation Center, located in Chicago, offers interactive, engaging workshops that are tailored for your specific business needs.