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Global supply chain management for the aerospace and defense industry

The aerospace and defense supply chain is no longer bounded by the manufacturing line and the spare parts warehouse.


The emphasis on availability, cost and customer service in both commercial and military markets demands high performance in not only manufacturing but also in procurement, partner management, product data management, design for serviceability, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), inventory optimization and analytics. The supply chain does not end when the product leaves the door. To deliver high performance, aerospace and defense companies must fundamentally rethink the structure and purpose of their supply chains.

Accenture uses our industry-specific supply chain solutions to help aerospace and defense companies win, and support availability and performance based contracts. We work with our clients as service providers and business partners to build and run the supply chains that will serve their operations well into the 21st century.

Why Accenture

The Accenture Supply Chain Management service line is a leader in supply chain integration, planning, product life cycle management, procurement and strategic sourcing, manufacturing strategy and operations, fulfillment and customer service, after-sale support and supply chain technologies. The Accenture Capabilities Based Lifecycle Management (CBLM) Framework and its associated assets combines this experience with our industry and IT insights to help our clients create high-performing supply chains that support long-term asset availability.

CBLM is further strengthened through our offerings in critical areas of global supply chain operations:

  • Global Sourcing Strategy—Reduce procurement costs while increasing quality

  • Supply Chain Management—Improve inventory, distribution and transportation costs

  • Readiness and Sustainment/Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

    • Increase product up-time, parts availability and reduce maintenance costs

    • Reduce spares inventory and improve customer satisfaction

  • Product Data and Product Lifecycle Management

    • Improve time to market

    • Improve product development process

    • Improve bill of material accuracy

    • Decrease research and development costs

  • Global Operations Strategy—Penetrate emerging markets, manage offsets, reduce cost of good

Specific Services

Accenture uses our supply chain knowledge and assets to help aerospace and defense companies achieve high performance.

•  CBLM Diagnostic and Supply Chain Performance Assessment—We analyze your capabilities to develop a fact-based analysis of your ability to support long-term asset availability and suggest areas for improvement.

•  Fulfillment Operations—We help you minimize inventories while maximizing inventory visibility and product availability; expand service levels while tightening service costs, and increase partnerships and alliances while reducing complexity.

•  Manufacturing and Design—We can help you improve design operations by launching innovative product lifecycle management programs, developing more collaborative product design capabilities and introducing new product introduction programs that speed the development of new products.

•  Predictive Monitoring—We employ software and data models that monitor asset performance and can suggest actions that increase asset availability while decreasing maintenance time and expense.

  • Silent Commerce and Automated Identification—We help you efficiently and automatically track, manage and analyze serialized data using technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and Item Unique Identification (IUID).

  • Sourcing and Procurement—We help you reduce costs, enhance stakeholder value, and achieve high performance by working with you to cut operating expenses, improve capital allocations and generate new revenue streams.

  • Supply Chain Academy—We manage a comprehensive distance-learning program developed by experts from more than 30 leading professional associations, industry consortia and educational institutions that provides your organization with a tailored supply chain syllabus.

  • Supply Chain Planning—We work with you to develop and implement planning and collaboration strategies that can help improve cost efficiency, increase business effectiveness and facilitate collaboration across companies.

  • Supply Chain Strategy—We work with you to effectively align your supply chain with your overall strategic objectives.