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Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solutions for the Electronic and High Tech industry

AAES for EHT integrates industry insights, processes and technology to jumpstart a high-performance enterprise.


Did you know we have a portfolio of industry-specific ERP packaged solutions that can help you shorten the delivery time of your ERP implementations, lower risk and reduce the cost of large scale transformation programs by 10-23 percent?

Traditionally ERP implementation can be long and costly, and typically project teams start from scratch. With Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solutions, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solutions is an advanced platform where basic industry-specific configuration is already done, common design documents are already written, and a project team can start from a solid base built on Accenture's 30+ years of ERP experience.

Our approach can help you shorten delivery timelines, lower risk and reduce the cost of large scale ERP transformation programs by 10-23 percent

Want to unleash the value of your ERP investment? Ask yourself these critical questions:

  1. Have you over-engineered your processes?

  2. Are you using best practice in your ERP implementations?

  3. Do you want to accelerate your ERP implementation?

  4. Are you looking to lower the cost of your ERP implementations?

  5. Do you need a lighter version of your ERP infrastructure to support global markets or new businesses?

  6. Are you leveraging the most advanced technologies to streamline processes, systems, and tools?

Why Accenture

AAES codifies Accenture’s high-performance industry insights and over 30 years of experience into a set of leading practices, processes and ERP technologies, packaged for rapid deployment.

  • Deep industry experience: Our solutions are built on Accenture’s ERP implementation experience of more than 30 years. Our global network of professionals—including 125,000 industry specialists representing more than 40 industries—offer unique business and technology insights to help drive desired business outcomes.

  • Global reach and scale: The Accenture Global Delivery Network enables efficient, world-class delivery and is one of the largest, most diversified groups of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world with 154,000 professionals in more than 50 centers. In addition, our Industry Centers of Excellence provide specialized expertizes, assets and capabilities enabling the delivery of industry specific solutions.

  • Leading Solutions: Our proven, industry-leading processes minimize the need for complex ERP customizations and enables clients to focus on their strategic business initiatives. AAES offers a comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific ERP solutions packaged for rapid deployment—accelerating time to value while helping reduce cost and mitigate risk. With more than 100 industry-specific pre-configured scenarios and 200 supporting reusable templates, filling known gaps in major technology platforms and allowing enterprises to scale up easily.

  • Unique Capabilities: Our proprietary framework brings industry knowledge, process, change management and technology together to help drive success. We are constantly developing new capabilities and our pioneering work extending ERP systems into analytics, cloud and mobility makes it easier to derive even more value from your ERP systems.

Specific Services

AAES for EHT provides companies with unmatched knowledge and exceptionally efficient delivery. Our comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific ERP packaged solutions help deliver successful ERP implementations at speed while ensuring quality, reducing risk, and reducing costs of 10 to 23 percent in large-scale transformation programs. AAES comprises the following:

  • Knowledge capital: deep EHT industry experience and industry-specific business process reference models.

  • Implementation accelerators: prepackaged enablers such as processes, configuration, training and development content.

  • Value management: continuous assessment and improvement to ensure return on investments.

  • Accenture building blocks: preconfigured, industry-specific, proven technology components.


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