Accenture and Vision-Box: Services overview

Bringing together experience, scale and technology to offer end-to-end border management solutions.


Today border management agencies face the challenges of enhancing the customer experience while safeguarding visitors and citizens, enforcing laws and promoting trade and commerce. Globalization and increasing border traffic have put pressure on border agencies to improve efficiency and speed. Increased security demands also need to strike a balance between protecting a nation’s borders and preserving an individual’s privacy.

To realize transformation in border management organizations need to:

  • Identify travelers and cargo accurately and consistently

  • Adopt a customer-centric view

  • Link information across the enterprise

  • Provide customized information

  • Develop a virtual border

  • Become an intelligence-driven enterprise

  • Adopt an enterprise governance model

Read the latest information on our Automated Border Clearance project at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport.

Why Accenture and Vision-Box

Accenture focuses on people, processes and technology to offer a holistic solution to delivering coordinated border management and identity services.

Accenture experience has shown that high performance in border management begins long before any border crossing. It must be intelligence-led, requiring a complete view of risks and opportunities, a knowledge-sharing culture and a strategy built on proactive decision making.

Our vision for integrated border management has proved powerful in helping border agencies address these challenges more efficiently—achieving the dual goals of facilitating the movement of people and cargo across a country's borders and enhancing the security of citizens and visitors.

Vision-Box specializes in the fields of biometrics, mechatronics and intelligent CCTV analytics, and has numerous products such as self-service boarding gates, automated border control gates and enrolment solutions focused on the user experience. Vision-Box has deployed more than 300 e-Gates in 20 airports serving more than 10 million passengers.

Covering the complete card issuance cycle from providing enrolment solutions with integrated capture of multiple biometric data into a single device such as fixed kiosk and portable suitcase enrolment solutions that have been deployed in more than 150 countries with more than 2000 units to the card dispenser.

Specific Services

Accenture brings the skills and talents of our global consultants, together with our methodologies and tools to address the operational realities of effective border management and control. We enable border agencies to meet the demands for protecting privacy. We assist in the redesign of facilities and infrastructure. We help organizations handle an escalating financial burden and, through tried and tested relationships, we use technology as an enabler to achieve better business outcomes.

Specific solutions include:

  • Large Scale Matching

  • Automated Border Clearance

  • Integrated Case Management

  • Identity Management

  • Face in the Crowd

Vision-Box technology manages the entire passenger experience, from the automated biometric enrolment to acquire machine readable travel documents (MRTD) or a visa, through to the automated border clearance systems to clear the border or a manual checking post using a standalone travel document reader. Vision-Box technologies also facilitate real-time video surveillance, monitoring and intelligent video content analytics, and tailgating prevention, tracking and information indexing.

Specific technology solutions include:

Citizen Enrolment Solutions
vb epass solution suite: Kiosk, Desktop and Portable

A robust design system that collects face, fingerprints, digital signature and height information which can be used for e-id cards, e-passports, e-company cards, etc. These solutions are maintenance free, allow easy access for users of any height, children or

wheelchair users, and have a small footprint that makes it simple to deploy and operate. Completing the card issuance cycle, vb i-dispenser, in a secure and easy-to-use solution that delivers any type of card to the user, regardless of location.

Traveler Clearance Systems
vb i-match solution suite: eGate, mobile eGate, boarding gate
An automated border clearance system, vb i-match is designed to address one of the airport’s greatest challenges—variations in passenger flow. vb i-match can be adapted to business requirements and infrastructure constraints. Modular and flexible, vb i-match uses proven biometric technologies and provides a fast and positive experience for travelers.

Crowd Security Management Systems

Linked to multiple sites simultaneously, this system helps prevent activities that threaten public safety. It can be used as an operational analysis tool to provide better business intelligence by providing real-time information on the number of people in a certain location, driving plate’s identification, pinpointing an individual in a large group of people, etc.

Data Transaction Platform
vb i-Shield

Consolidating all solutions, vb i-shield, a workflow builder, links the appropriate hardware components and enables integration with external systems (Citizen Enrolment and Traveler Clearance Systems, PSIM and Accenture’s centralized back office). The solution aids passenger flow optimization but assuring total compliance with the latest security protocols.

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