Accenture reporting and analytics

Deliver actionable insights through a scalable and cost-effective model.

Accenture Reporting and Analytics is an all-in-one service that allows companies to develop high-performance, enterprise-level reporting and analytics capabilities. We help businesses effectively analyse data and extract actionable insights while employing a scalable and cost-effective operating model. The service allows organisations to tap into mature and tested capability, bringing fast, effective results where internal approaches have failed.

Why Accenture
Accenture Reporting and Analytics has helped companies from a range of industries including financial services, logistics, product manufacturing and telecommunications:

  • reduce the costs of reporting and analytics activities by up to 40 to 50 per cent

  • increase sales (in some cases by more than 400 per cent) by rolling out insight-led campaigns

  • optimise return on marketing investment

  • improve the quality and speed of decision making by rationalising reporting and aligning with key business drivers

  • improve data governance by industrialising the collection, storage and use of data

  • By choosing to work with Accenture, you can gain the benefits of our unique approach, including lower costs, increased sales and greater efficiency.