Digital network deployment

Enabling CSPs to secure improved ROI on network investment.


Despite the increased complexity of network deployment, execution of network deployment has remained largely unchanged for the last 20 years. Communications service providers (CSPs) continue to make significant investments in 5G through wireless, high-density Wi-Fi and fiber to the home, driving significant capex and opex. A new approach is needed that transforms and industrializes the old process of network infrastructure creation.

That new approach is provided by Accenture Digital Network Deployment (DND). Accenture DND provides platform-driven network construction management services, starting with mobile network buildouts and extending to FTTX. It comprehensively addresses:

  • Command center services, including services and solutions for network deployment management and control.

  • Digital deployment, including workflow management solutions that integrate supply chain management, workforce management and contract management of third parties.

  • Factory design services, including capabilities in service network design for Radio Access Network (RAN), microwave and fiber designs.

Accenture DND recognizes the reality that network rollout today is not about products; it’s about management costs and enhancing customer experience. Providing a unique combination of services, assets and capabilities, Accenture Digital Network Deployment delivers value across three main dimensions: increasing CSPs’ revenue-generating ability; reducing cost; and making the most of invested capital.