Accenture business intelligence: Customer experience for long-term brand loyalty

Accenture’s business intelligence tools help fashion and luxury companies grow customer loyalty, share of wallet and achieve a better return on investment.


Fashion is an ever-changing industry. Customer preferences fluctuate along with burgeoning and fading trends. So, how can fashion and luxury companies keep pace with, and even capitalize on, changes?

We recommend capturing real-time customer insights across channels to respond to the changing demands of customers. This will help maintain brand loyalty and keep the customers longing for more products.

Accenture brings business intelligence tools that help business leaders:

  • Gather insights, target customers and generate offers in real-time by integrating data across customer relationship management (CRM) and point-of-sale (POS) databases.

  • Conduct advanced customer scoring based on complex behavioral attributes to quickly understand and respond to shifting customer preferences.

  • Establish customer care models to support their customers during sales and after-sales activities, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Integrate the CRM and POS databases on returns, exchanges and complaints to help retailers deliver a customized experience.

Accenture Customer Insight is an intuitive business intelligence solution that mines customer data for insights. It is part of the Accenture Interactive suite of assets and is available on the SAP HANA platform.

This solution is a blend of two powerhouse solutions: Accenture Customer Insight and SAP HANA. Accenture Customer Insight aids analytics and statistical modeling to correlate patterns, segment customers and yield granular insights, and SAP HANA provides the processing power to crunch massive volumes of data.

Together, Accenture and SAP provide businesses the ability to target and draw insights from a unified, multichannel view of the customer across stores, the Web, social media and mobile touchpoints. Companies can translate these insights on customer behavior and patterns into relevant, real-time interactions with customers.