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4 days. 100’s of sessions. 1000’s of guests.

That’s the flavor in Barcelona—the place to be for those craving innovation.

During this year’s MWC 2017 we gave visitors a taste of the Accenture Innovation Architecture–our innovation-led approach for helping clients develop and deliver disruptive innovations.

Innovation in action

Explore our latest demos from MWC 2017

Getting started with innovation

What one thing can organizations do to innovate now?

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The Accenture innovation architecture

During Mobile World Congress 2017, visitors could sample relevant examples within each capability. Click any of the icons below to jump to that section and find out what was on offer.

Find workshops and demos relevant to your industry by clicking below


Accenture Research

Uncovers insights & shapes trends

Accenture Research combines industry knowledge and data-driven research techniques. Our 250 researchers partner with world-class organizations such as MIT and Singularity to discover innovative solutions for our clients.


The Accenture 2017 Technology Vision: The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Invent It!

Fresh off the press, please join us for an overview of the Accenture 2017 Technology Vision. This year, we explore the breathtaking pace of technology change — how it's creating new opportunities that stretch our imagination and enable us to invent the future. However, responding to the technology is the easy part. Leaders in this new era will differentiate themselves by focusing on technology for people—blending technology savvy with human insight, and amplifying people—customers and employees—to achieve more.


Fjord Trends 2017: Fjord's Annual Digital Forecast

Can anyone really predict the future, when consumer expectations are so liquid? At Fjord, we think it is smarter to focus on the near term. That’s why our 800+ designers from 21 studios throughout the world collaborate yearly to publish Fjord Trends—a prediction of trends that will not only impact consumers, but also those that will impact design, business, organizations and society as a whole within the next 12-18 months.


Harnessing User Insight for Exceptional App Experiences

Research shows that a poor app experience can not only cause users to stop using an app, it might also cause them to stop buying your product or service. Worse, it could potentially detract from your brand! This discussion shares new ways of gaining actionable “in-app” and “out-of-app” insights. With this information, companies can avoid these pitfalls and improve brand value, attract new customers and increase user adoption and retention. Further, it helps identify potential security vulnerabilities and performance issues…not to mention maintaining optimal functionality, speed and user trust.


MWC in 60 minutes with Fjord

MWC is huge! How can you see it all? Or even just find the relevant parts? Fjord can help. We'll scout and scour every corner of the conference and figure out what matters. Then, we'll take you on a curated trends-spotting and insight-gathering trip, hitting just the hot spots of MWC. Offered on Tuesday and Thursday at 10am and 2pm.


The Platform Transformation Journey for Communications Service Providers

With the IoT and 5G around the corner, connectivity needs exploding, technology advancing exponentially and artificial intelligence becoming a reality, the services that Communications Service Providers can offer have never been more in demand. What are the mega-trends shaping the industry? Drawing on our latest expert insights and Digital Consumer Survey, we discuss future vision and scenarios, including M&A, for CSPs on their journey to become customer-led, data-driven platform businesses.


You’re Not (Design) Thinking About IoT Strategy the Right Way

There are benefits of adopting Design Thinking methodologies to rapidly identify, validate, and capture transformational value from IoT investments. Join us for a discussion on how to develop a strategic vision, an actionable roadmap and a change management journey for IoT. Learn how Accenture Digital clients are deploying customer-facing solutions and business models, discovering opportunities to improve and optimize operations, and addressing change management challenges that might otherwise stand in the way.

Investment & open innovation

Accenture Ventures

Partners with growth-stage companies

Accenture Ventures partners with and invests in growth-stage companies that create innovative enterprise technologies. Using an open innovation approach, Accenture Ventures identifies the most promising sources of innovation in the market, working with start-ups, accelerators, entrepreneurs, investors, academic institutions and corporate R&D groups around the world. Experience the latest technologies from these cutting-edge companies.


Teaming to Enhance Productivity

Accenture is teaming with Avanade to help companies extend their Microsoft Office 365 environments by encouraging mobile and social user adoption. Experience this latest innovation in digital workplace service design which combines an array of the latest workplace technologies including Microsoft PowerApps (mobility), Microsoft PowerBI (analytics) and examples of artificial intelligence using the Microsoft BOT framework.


Using Internet and Mobile Connectivity to Improve Refugee Well-Being

As a global citizen, we are proud to support UNHCR and their efforts to provide connectivity for refugees. As you can imagine, access to a mobile phone and the internet may very well make the difference in a refugee’s ability to secure food, water and shelter. We invite you to review the findings of a recent connectivity assessment and to learn more about UNHCR's strategy for improving connectivity access for refugees.

Research & development

Accenture Technology Labs

Redefine the possible with applied R&D

Accenture Labs incubate and prototype new concepts that will have a near-term impact on business. Our technologists and researchers deliver breakthrough technologies that lead to innovative products and services for our clients.


The Impact on the Worker With Mixed Reality

Mixed reality, what is it? And, what use cases can it impact? This demonstration explores a mixed reality Lego® assembly application and discusses the enterprise benefit for workers. Instructions are presented with holographic Legos. Tested with more than 100 people, all revealing a noticeable improvement on task completion. This Accenture work was published at IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) in September 2016.

Solution innovation

Accenture Studios

Building solutions with speed and agility

Accenture Studios focuses on rapid development and prototyping of applications and the design and creation of digital services. With more than 30 locations worldwide, we bring solution innovation to our clients to drive bold differentiation.


The Future of Commerce: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Experiences

Imagine the future of commerce: natural, intimate, immersive and content-rich. How will this come about? With the help of artificial intelligence, next generation experiences (such as AR/VR) and natural language interactions. These game-changers will enable commerce capabilities that drive superior sales, loyalty and efficiencies at scale. Join Accenture Interactive for an up-close look at pioneering initiatives such as an AR/VR Car Visualizer in trial with BMW, and an AR coffee discovery experience with Dolce Gusto.


Here Come Bots! Contextual, Consumer-driven and Conversational Chatbots

You will not want to miss this Digital Assistant experience that combines the latest technology options of Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Image recognition, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for consumers AND the enterprise. The XBoT demo intelligently mashes up multiple channel sources of voice, vision, things, image, location, virtual and augmented reality and interacts with the end user using a natural interface. Enabled through a Mobility MBaaS framework called XaaS, this prototype brings context and consumer awareness to conversation through analytics on data coming from multiple sources, namely, enterprise backend, social, past conversations and email conversations. As a bonus…you will also see a customer agent dashboard which provides sight of legacy applications as they integrate with Chatbots. The seamless handover from machine to human allows for a secure, one-stop shop for all service interactions on any device in an anytime, anywhere manner. We will feature several real-world live use cases.


Accelerate Your Smart Product Development

Driven by significant progress in processing capability, power efficiency, cost reductions, disruptive new communications technology and the digital revolution, connected devices are more relevant and accessible to businesses than ever before. The Accenture IoT Device Platform (AIDP) was developed to support rapid prototyping of IoT use cases, shorten time to innovation and reduce overall program costs. This workshop will demonstrate from concept and definition through to prototyping, piloting and mass manufacture of advanced connected devices.


Build an App Protoype with iOS Studio

Come work with our iOS Studio design team to solve a real problem in your business functions today. We will go through problem definition, framing, ideation and ultimately come up with a vision to build a pilot application. Depth in iOS technology will bubble up to core platform features that deliver the simplest and efficient experience for the end users. Leave us with a vision, and continue to work to build a prototype.


Effective Mobile Innovation

In this workshop, Accenture company Tecnilógica, will share an effective innovation strategy that leverages mobile and multichannel technologies. The discussion will consider some of the newest agile and lean methodologies, together with the latest innovation techniques. Sit down with one of Accenture’s newest capabilities to see their approach to aligning business, design and technology.


The Future of Commerce: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Experiences

Take a deeper dive into the future of commerce. This workshop will unveil how upcoming advances in artificial intelligence, next generation experiences (such as AR/VR) and natural language interactions will enable game-changing commerce capabilities that drive superior sales, loyalty and efficiencies at scale and create a natural, intimate, immersive and content-rich experience for consumers. We will illustrate those emerging capabilities with use cases.


How to Get Started with Chatbots

Imagine a whole new world of messaging apps that provides a dual mode user interface: Mode One: a static mode offered by traditional mobile applications that have predesigned features and navigation; Mode Two: a dynamic mode enabled through query-response mechanism. Enter…the Chatbots! Explore a reimagined world created by multichannel BOTs that can disambiguate user query with intelligent context and help you create an innovative interaction model for an altogether new consumer experience.


Living Business: Rewiring Organizations Around People (Fjord)

Today’s challenges are significant. And yet, too many businesses are responding with stopgap solutions yielding short-lived results. So what’s the answer? We think it lies in reshaping operations around people – customers, teams, colleagues, leaders – at every level. And…we think it means putting design at the heart of every business process. We call this the “living business”. Meet with designers from Fjord to discuss the “4 Vital Signs” for cultural transformation to a living business.


Rapid Innovation Lab - Let´s Solve Your Problem and Get Something in Motion! (Fjord)

We encourage you to bring one of your company’s challenges and we’ll work on it together in a rapid workshop session. Looking through the lens of Fjord Trends 2017 and the next wave of Living Services, we’ll explore your issue and brainstorm together, leveraging insights and instinct from client experiences around the world. Let’s see what we design together!

Use cases & assets

Innovation Centers

Demonstrate and scale industry solutions

Accenture Innovation Centers are located strategically worldwide, building and scaling solutions across technologies and industries.


Accenture Video and Network Analytics for the Platform-based, Experience-led and Data-driven NEW TELCO

This demo shows how telcos can embrace the power of platforms to capture new growth opportunities with:

  • Accenture Video Analytics: A Webscale data platform which supports data-driven decisions.
  • Automated, streamlined workflows based on Salesforce that improve advertising sales operations.
  • An analytics-driven network experience that helps telcos maximize ROI in ultra-broadband networks.

Barcelona Smart City Hologram

Schedule time to experience an interactive hologram of Barcelona, one of the smartest cities in the world. The experiences include a variety of use cases including a real-time data dashboard related to relevant points of interest, real-time mobility info of the city, and real-time interaction between the citizens of Barcelona and the city's infrastructure.


Analytics for Ducati MotoGP Racing

See how Accenture Digital is working with Ducati MotoGP, applying live telemetry data from race motorcycles with in-depth analytics to give Ducati the edge in MotoGP races. Learn how Accenture is helping Ducati succeed in a challenging environment by providing real-time insights of motorcycle performance during races. This demo will be offered at the entrance to the Accenture Digital stand on the hour and half hour daily. Discussion workshops are also available by appointment.


Blockchain Smart Contracts

Financial institutions and corporations frequently need to transfer large sums of money across international borders, making them prime beneficiaries of blockchain technology. This demo shows how a financial institution creates a smart contract with a subsidiary or partner in a matter of minutes. Using the blockchain, contracts that would normally require dozens of pages filled with complex details are simplified and automatically negotiated and executed with little human intervention.


Connected Asset Management and Analytics for Industrial Operations

How can original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operations companies get more from their equipment investments? Accenture is taking connected asset management a step further, leveraging edge and cloud analytics as well as augmented reality to give industrial equipment companies the ability to make proactive decisions throughout the asset lifecycle. This demo also features the METRO Madrid Operational App tablet app, which includes asset location, monitoring and management, and predictive analytics to improve operation efficiency.


Connected Clinical Trials

Bringing new drugs to market is time and paper-intensive with significant regulatory challenges. See how Accenture Mobility is helping pharmaceutical companies use mobile and connected technologies to shorten clinical trials by collecting data directly and immediately from trial participants along the way.


Connected Home 2.0: From Data to Value

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have struggled until now to define the right value proposition and business models for a profitable connected home solution. Maybe it’s time to think again? By managing the hub in the home, CSPs can leverage a larger ecosystem of providers and combine this with their consumer data analytics, creating a hub through which they can sell a personalized services marketplace while providing a rich and seamless consumer experience.


Connected Mine

Mobile tracking, analytics and cloud technologies offer industrial mining companies new opportunities for efficiency and safety. This demonstration uses real-time device data (OT) which is aggregated with context data (IT) and applied to industry-specific analytics models to create a real-time, holistic view of mining operations. This information is then delivered in real time via mobile devices to the people who need to take action, from mine pit to plant to port.


Connected Vehicle Dashboard Analytics

By integrating two Accenture Digital solutions — the Accenture Connected Platforms-as-a-Service (CPaaS) and the Accenture Insights Platform (AIP)—we are helping fleet managers leverage data obtained from connected vehicles to more efficiently monitor and manage their fleet operations. See how fleet managers can use this extremely user-friendly dashboard to predict equipment failures, avoid accidents and schedule maintenance.


Dealer 4.0 with Connected Test Drive

Working together, car owners and dealers can keep vehicles maintained and on the road with very little downtime. With the help of IoT, owners are notified that a maintenance session is needed. The car diagnostic is simultaneously sent to the dealer’s portal via Accenture Connected Platform-as-a-Service. Then when the owner arrives, the dealer has already received the diagnostic, determined the repair requirements, the workflow is in place and the parts are on hand.


Field Force of the Future

This demonstration showcases tools from the field force of the future in use today! Featuring analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and wearables such as heads-up displays and DAQRI helmets, this demonstration shows how smart operating procedures, digital work instructions and over-the-shoulder coaching can help improve field force performance. Experience multiple uses cases which show the potential for field force operating costs reductions of as much as 30 percent.


iOS Studio and Mobile Apps Showcase

Experience some of the best iOS apps developed by Accenture Digital. Delivered with a design-led process, a focus on the user, and careful attention to context, these mobile apps are geared to solve real-world problems and enhance day-to-day activities. The business goal? Drive impact such as new revenue streams, efficiency in process and/or different methods of engagement. A featured app is the in-market “RIOgaleão App,” which uses beacons to guide passengers at Rio airport.


Made by Google, Transformed by Accenture

Wondering how adding next generation capabilities such as virtual assistants, augmented reality, collaboration, and predictive machine learning might create a powerful, secure and innovative machine learning solution? See this suite of mobile apps which showcases new solutions for the enterprise that are underpinned by one of the world’s most popular mobility platforms - Android™, along with one of the most scalable cloud platforms - Google Cloud Platform.


Retail Fuel Payments

Experience the future of retail fuel payments today. Drivers are notified fuel is low and receive navigation to nearest filling stations. Once at a station, a mobile app identifies the pump number automatically and provides easy payment options. Drivers receive targeted offers and loyalty points are automatically added to the transaction. Want to know more? See the “ultimate mobile companion for motorists” as developed for Shell by MOBGEN, now part of Accenture Digital.


Smart Device Commerce

Smart Device Commerce is an innovative IoT platform that automatically detects device faults and seamlessly orders components and/or repair services. See Smart Devices in action as a connected fridge recognizes a temperature drop, schedules a repair, and orders the predicted parts while the owner tracks the status.


Analyze This: How Can Communications Service Providers Energize Their Competitive Edge?

How can Communications Service Providers become insights-driven enterprises by embracing analytics at scale across all parts of their business? How can they deliver compelling, hyper-personalized omni-channel experiences to the evolving liquid customer and enterprise? We will discuss three supportive elements for the Liquid Customer, and more specifically—personalization, omni-channel experience, and development offerings. We will explain the CMT differentiated transformation that synchronizes the practice transformation, showcase the data-driven analytics platforms, and reveal client outcomes.


The Art of Listening: The Customer Genome and the Future State of Personalization

The digitization of everything has led to customers having overwhelming choice in everything they do, while many companies have lost the personalization that customers appreciate in their off-line world. Join us to discuss the concept we refer to as the “Customer Genome” – a way for companies to build a living profile of the customer’s unique preferences, passions and needs while forming a foundation for a future when personalization platforms can architect previously unimagined experiences.


Artificial Intelligence: Helping in Harnessing the Value from IoT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing are coming into the mainstream. And, advances in Natural Language Processing coupled with big data and cloud technologies are unleashing tremendous potential to automate and augment decision making. Join us for a discussion on AI as we share our experiences, particularly in the industrial and automotive sectors, and share our key learnings and challenges.


Capture the Promise of the Pervasive Network

As we rapidly approach 7 trillion connected devices, the network is becoming pervasive – what we call “Network ++.” In this workshop, we will explore how CSPs are also becoming pervasive, beginning with technology transformation from a hardware-based network to a digital network platform using software. We will show how this transformation offers flexibility to debut more services that deliver new revenue streams, major opportunities for operational improvement, vendor diversity and reductions in operational costs.


The Data-driven Digital Video Business

The digital video value chain is being disrupted and the industry has to rethink the way it serves customers and makes money. The subscription-advertising business model is under threat from “digital natives” (Netflix, YouTube and Amazon) whose competitive advantage isn’t “content” but rather an operating model that is designed to be data-centric. In this workshop, we will focus on the strategic priority of becoming a data-driven business and the benefits this approach brings.


Digital Cockpit for Digital Transformation in Wireless

Transparency often prevents “funnel breakdown” for digital programs. When investments are on the line and goals driving end-to-end conversion are at stake, it’s important to prevent funnel breakdown. During MWC 2017, see an awesome digital “cockpit” developed for a wireless service provider to help them stay on target.


Enterprise Mobility Disrupted: The Accenture and Google Way

Today's apps are transformational. The app is more than just a pretty UI, it's a powerful set of capabilities that are changing the way people work. This workshop discusses the latest technologies that are behind the mobile app, such as virtual assistants, machine learning, augmented reality and collaboration - and how they can be used to solve today's business challenges. We’ll share examples and demos developed by Accenture and Google that bring these to life.


Field Force of the Future

Network service providers are continually looking for ways to reduce field worker costs. See how Accenture Mobility is working with clients, trialing a number of approaches to improve field worker efficiency leveraging crowdsourcing, drone-based control centers, field force analytics, Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality/mixed reality, wearable technology and more. Get a taste of how these efforts are paying off.


iOS in the SAP World: Next Generation Employee Engagement

Would you like to better understand how to mobilize SAP use cases on iOS devices for complex workflows and business processes? If so, join us for a deep dive into the Apple/SAP partnership and see how we are helping companies build solutions quickly for near-time business impact.


IoT Commerce in the Age of Connected Everything

Would you be happy storing your credit card details on your refrigerator? What about your washing machine? Or your TV? Let’s discuss how enabling automated payments from devices in homes, cars, and pockets is going to be a critical part of the IoT and explore the changes needed in the infrastructure. Join us to discuss how to keep payment controlled and secure while driving consumer engagement with personalized offers, loyalty and more.


Journey to Cloud: Are You Ready?

Migration to the cloud is fraught with challenges and drives major changes to the operating model of any company including those in the Communications & Media industries. In this workshop, we will share real-life case studies and discuss how to chart and execute a journey to cloud, how to take a structured holistic approach to assess a company’s readiness for this journey, and how to shape the new operating model that will deliver the right business outcomes.


Moving to a Hyper-connected, Extended Platform via APIs

Mobile apps, omni-channel strategies, microservices, IoT and the need to integrate third parties - both cloud service providers and leading enterprises - make the API Service Broker a key component of a Communications Service Provider Multi-Speed strategy. How can a CSP make the right decisions on API strategy in a fast-moving market with vendors offering traditional packaged applications, cloud services/SaaS and hybrid models?


Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

Customers in the digital world have markedly different expectations than those in the past. Improving customer experience through personalization and digital customer service options leveraging Omni-Channel Customer Engagement solutions will help unlock the value by growing revenue while reducing costs.

With the Digital Omni-Channel Platform and the EAGLE BSS@Cloud Accenture is able to cover the entire spectrum of the current CSP needs to implement a true Omni-Channel Customer Engagement capability.


Open APIs – Just Smoke and Mirrors Or the Key to Driving New Digital Business Models

Digital disruption is impacting every industry, from banking to health care to retail and everything in between. Digital engagement and the consumption-driven business models are fueling this disruption. “Mobile First” is fast becoming “Anything First.” Successful companies can better meet this demand with a new, real concept — industry-standard Open APIs. Join a conversation with the Accenture Mobile Apps team to see why this new approach is more than smoke and mirrors.


OSS for Running a Platform Business: The Journey Towards a Multi-speed Architecture

The shift from circuit-switched to full IP services has completely changed the Communications Service Providers’ business, driving new opportunities for transformation into integrated digital service providers. Join this workshop to hear how operations support systems are a key enabler of the new business goals within the service and resource functional domains. The workshop will also include a Machine Learning Predictive Assurance demonstration—an approach for applying artificial intelligence to a CSP customer's trouble ticket predictions.


Platform Economies in the IoT World

Platform-based business models are driving the most profound global macroeconomic change since the Industrial Revolution. In today's IoT world, the most ground-breaking products and services are based on platforms. In this workshop, we'll take a look at how platform-based business models fundamentally change how companies operate and the recommendations for how our clients can get started with their own programs.


Pocket Philanthropy: How the Mobile Revolution Is Enabling Social Enterprise

As technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, smartphones are becoming the global leveller…connecting all societal demographics. This workshop focuses on "digital for good" initiatives and focuses specifically on Happytap — a product developed by Accenture in partnership with micro-finance enabler Good Return. This digital “piggy bank” encourages people to forego non-essential purchases like that extra glass of wine or unnecessary article of clothing. Instead, they can lend this redirected non-missed spend to someone in need.


Running Platform Operations at Scale with Intelligent Automation

Platform companies cannot run their business operations in the traditional, linear way. Today, new technologies as well as innovative approaches enable more insight and automation throughout a company’s operations, such as robotic process automation, analytics and artificial intelligence. For traditional businesses, however, implementing these technologies and approaches has a profound transformational impact. This workshop will help better understand intelligent automation through use cases and pragmatic discussions on what these new technologies and approaches can deliver.


There's No Finish Line in Cyber Security

As many as 61 percent of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) believe that cyberattacks are a black box and you can never know how or when they will affect your company. Security spending is staggering and increasing and yet that’s not enough to outmaneuver cyber attackers. You have to out innovate them! In this workshop we will explore case studies that solve security challenges at speed and scale and showcase a Digital Identity demo.


Unlocking IoT’s Full Value

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened a multitude of new opportunities for companies to enhance operational efficiency, unlock new business models and drive greater growth. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss a spectrum of available IoT solutions and the business value delivered by each. Each workshop will explore client examples and best practices to provide a high-level blueprint for developing and implementing IoT solutions that help drive business results.


Delivery Centers

Deliver Innovation

Accenture Delivery Centers industrialize the delivery of our innovations to unlock the power of New IT and transform business processes through our unparalleled network across more than 50 locations.


Experience Delivery Center Innovation: Virtual Reality Tour

We are often told that understanding the power of innovation within a Delivery Center is impossible until you visit. Now, you can experience the power of this critical aspect of the Accenture Innovation Architecture through an interactive virtual reality tour. Experience the energy, passion and scale of our largest Delivery Center in Bangalore, where our finance and accounting operations deliver outcomes using intelligent technology – such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and advanced analytics.


IoT Testing Solutions from Development to Deployment

Accenture IoT testing solutions can provide one-stop solutions for end-to-end testing for IoT implementations. The demo includes testing for an IoT device embedded application, IoT cloud, an industry vertical backend and a mobile application using a single testing console. The test libraries included in the demo tests end-to-end functionality, IoT security (SecOps) and interoperability of sensors using multiple protocols triggered via specialized test beds.


Testing the Convergence of IT and OT

IoT is not only about algorithms working in an IT infrastructure but also about how these algorithms operate on sensors/actuators triggering real-world actions. This workshop focuses on how IoT testing is different than the regular testing and how tiny devices with constrained hardware can be tested end to end using innovative approaches tailored for the specialized needs of devices, cloud and applications, thereby reducing hardware, location, network and people dependencies in a cost-effective manner.

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